How to Raise Your Vibration in 5 minutes: Make Love Tea

How to make LOveYou can raise your vibration in 5 minutes every morning just by making and drinking a cup of love tea.

Making love tea is deceptively simple. So simple, that you will be tempted to think that it won’t be helpful or make any changes. That’s where you are wrong. These little techniques done with loving intent raise our vibration in the best possible way.  Slowly and steady upward momentum from daily acts of love are what will change your life and ultimately raise the vibration of our entire planet.

We know that small steps every day will create the changes we want to see. If you want to learn a new skill, you don’t try to master it all in one day. You do a little bit everyday and so it is with alchemy. Transforming bit by bit with little practices like love tea.

How to Make Love Tea

1. Make a cup of your favorite hot beverage. It doesn’t have to be tea. It can be coffee, cocoa or whatever. I just prefer tea. I doesn’t even have to be hot. It can be water, juice or whatever you like to drink first thing in the morning.

2. Sit with your cup and imagine pouring love into the beverage. You can do this in whatever way works best for you. I usually imagine writing the word love on the beverage and/or its cup. Plus, since I do Reiki, I put Reiki healing energy and Reiki symbols into the tea. You can send loving thoughts or words or images. Whatever makes you feel love think about that. It could be your cat, your children, the beach, or anything that makes your heart happy. Think about those love-inducing topics and intend for those feeling to enter your beverage. One of the reasons I like to use tea is because the 5-6 minutes I spend doing this gives the beverage time to cool down before I drink it.

3. Savor your beverage and soak up all the good vibrations that you put into it.

4. Repeat daily or even more often. You can even take time to put love into any food you eat before you eat it and you don’t have to do it for a long time, even just a few seconds will shift your thinking about the food you are eating and the vibration of the food.

Just remember, if your body isn’t used to all these love vibrations it may resist them at first. You might feel slightly ill. Your mind may tell you that this is silly and a waste time. I recommend that you set an intention to do it for 30 days before deciding if it is a worthwhile practice or not. Don’t forget, you get to tell your own story so tell the story that your body welcomes the love energy and adapts easily to the higher vibrations.

Why Make Love Tea

There are two main reasons, I started doing this.

1. When I began to learn Reiki, I realized putting high and loving vibrations and healing energy into our food and other products in our house could only bring more healing energies to our body and who doesn’t want more healing energy. So I began putting Reiki into food that I cooked and ate.

2. I love Dr. Emoto’s work on water and find it fascinating. He exposed water to messages of love and messages of hate and then froze it and looked at the crystals that formed. The changes were amazing. The water exposed to loving thoughts made beautiful crystals. The ones exposed to hate where not so pretty.

I made me think about the fact that much our bodies and the food we put in them are made of water, so if messages of love can raise the vibration of water, it only makes sense that it can raise the vibration of our bodies. I strive to put food into my body that will raise and not lower the vibration of my body. I won’t debate whether or not organic food and certain foods have higher vibrations than other. I believe they do, but I also believe that we can work with what we have and raise the vibration of our food and drinks by our intention and focus.

Make Some Love Tea Today

As I said before, give it a good 30 days before analyzing what your results are. I’m betting you will feel happier, healthier and more loving just from taking 5 minutes every morning to raise your vibration by adding love to your body.

I’d love to hear how this practice works for you and if you are already doing something similar, please share your practices and results so we can all benefit.