Relationship Alchemy Available All Over the World

Relationship Alchemy

 Relationship Alchemy is available now! I am so grateful to all of you who have downloaded it and helped make it an Amazon Best Seller in less than 24 hours!  I just can’t express how happy this makes my heart. I am intending that all of your will get as much love and joy from the book as I poured into it and more!

Some of you have had some questions about how to get my book, if you don’t have a kindle or you don’t live in the US.  I’ve got some really easy-peasy solutions to those problems thanks to Janette Dalgliesh, who is also published by Difference Press. Her Book,  Mastering Your Everyday Superpower, is available  and it’s a great compliment to my book. By the way, I am an affiliate for Janette for the simple reason that I love her work and would promote her for free.

If  You Don’t Own A Kindle:

  1. download the app you prefer if you have a smart phone or tablet. 
  2. install it
  3. open the new app and register it (ie sign in to your Amazon account from the app) – this means Amazon now has somewhere to deliver your purchase
  4. and then buy your copy of Personal Alchemy
  5. If you want to read it on your computer, buy it and open it in your Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader or Kindle for Mac and you should be able to read it right there on your computer screen.

If this all gets overwhelming or you have problems reading it, send me a copy of your Amazon receipt, even if you received the book for free. (It’s free until Sept 15th, so don’t dawdle; get it now!) and I will e-mail you PDF that you can print out and hold in your hands.  It’s not as pretty, but it will work if you really need a hard copy. 🙂

If You Don’t Live In The US:

If you normally make purchases through the US site even though you live in a different county,  it will probably be easiest just to stick with that and get it here.  If not, here are the all the links I could find to buy the books in other countries. If I’ve missed one, please end me the link to that country’s Amazon site and I will get it added. 












Thank you all so much for your support! I would love to hear your comments about Relationship Alchemy and any results that you have from the exercises in it. If you could put your comments and feedback into a review on Amazon that would be so wonderful! I’d love to hear them any way you share with me, but one of the best ways you can support my book is by reviewing it!






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