Relationship Alchemy: Oops! I goofed! Now you get a FREE gift.

Oops! I goofed!  Now you get a FREE gift.

In my latest e-book, Relationship Alchemy, the links to your free audios were broken!

To make this up to all my loyal readers, I’m going to give you an updated copy of Relationship Alchemy with the updated links plus easy access to download the free audios at the same time, so you won’t have to go back and do it later.

Now, lucky you, have the opportunity to get the PDF for FREE for the next 2 weeks only!

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And get these 4 Free Audios, too:

The Magic Bubble:  Learn how to strengthen your vibration so you are in control of your emotions.  This will keep you centered, grounded and free of other people’s influence.  You can do this on your own anywhere and anytime you need it. Wonderful for Empaths and Highly Sensitive people.

Family DNA Vibe Healing Meditation: Heal your family tree and let go of old ancestral vibrations.

Cutting Relationship Cords: Cut the energetic cords and take back your own power from a relationship that no longer serves you.  Release feelings of binding or constriction.

The Friendship Vortex: Proactively create the friendships you desire.  Call in new friends, romantic partners or business connections as you wish.

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Available for the next 2 weeks only! On December 4, 2014 this offer disappears.