All Roads Lead to Happiness

Young woman with guitar on the road and her vintage baggageSometimes we struggle. We know it’s not the best choice and we know that it doesn’t get us where we want to go, but sometimes we all forget to relax and go with the flow.

I’ve been practicing finding joy and living a happy life for a while now, but like many people, I have an area of life that I make trickier than the rest. For me it’s my children. I know that if I relax and follow the same magical steps that I do for other areas of life all will be well, but these are my children. It’s more important. I can’t make the wrong choices. It’s their lives that are on the line. Even as I type this, I know how silly it sounds and I know better. My children are brilliant lights and they know how to create the lives they desire.

Yet, I’ve been struggling.

My daughter had an opportunity to attend an incredible charter school and I’m struggling with whether my decision to allow her to continue to home school was right. I wonder if she is lacking adequate social interactions and if she will regret missing out on a traditional high school experience. I’ve been waking up at night in terror, fearing that I’ve made the wrong decision.

I had to take a breath and remember that she is smart and capable and even if she is young, she can make the right decisions for her. Still, I couldn’t relax and get to my happy place.

While I was wrestling with my thoughts, I came across a quote on Barry Neil Kaufman’s Facebook page that said “All roads lead to happiness.” It filled me with peace and made me remember that there wasn’t a right answer and a wrong answer but just different answers and any one of them could lead us to joy.

Armed with my sudden inspiration that all was well either way again, I told my daughter,”We’re OK. All roads lead to happiness, so whatever we do were on the right road.”

“That’s not true. If we decided to try drugs and rob convenience stores, I’m pretty sure it would not lead to happiness,” she replied.

“But..that’s not…I mean…we know better that…” I was stumped  to come up with a good reply.

She shook her head and walked away. I was back at square one. I truly believed that all decisions could be the right decision so why was I struggling with this? It’s not how I planned to start off my daring new year.

Then, one of my favorite quotes from Abraham-Hicks popped into my thoughts, “You’re not ever gonna have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.”

Wow. Neither choice would be happy if I obsessed and worried about whether or not it was the right choice. But both choices could lead to happiness if I embraced them and enjoyed the ride on the chosen road.

So, I decided it was time to head downstream and focus on better feeling thoughts:

“My children have been able to experience and learn many wonderful things while being homeschooled. My children, also, have had the blessing of attending some of the best public schools in the area.”

“They will have different experiences while they are homeschooled but that doesn’t mean they are missing out.”

“My children have learned to be independent and follow their own desires for learning.”

“There will be other schools and other opportunities. New ones come about everyday.”

“My daughter is able to travel, work at the science center, and learn Chinese because she home schools. She has a diverse and flexible system of education that perfectly suits her.

“My daughter knows what path is right for her. She is resilient and she know what she wants.”

Ahh, relief.  I’ve found the sweet spot and if I lose touch with it again, I’ll just start over with a better feeling thought. A thought that creates joy because all happy journeys lead to even more joy.

What about you? Are you choosing happy journeys? Do you have a technique that helps you remember that all your decisions are perfect for you?