Are You Leaving Room for Magic?

quote_21-2 Are you leaving room for magic in your life? Or are you trying to figure everything out? Are you letting things line up on their own or are you trying to control all the details?
I’m getting ready to leave for a trip to Italy in a few days and I wanted to share with you how this trip, that has been on my desire list and many dream boards in the past several years, came into being. 
Nine years ago when my youngest child was born, I was struggling. My husband and I were running our fledgling heating and cooling business and I had given birth to our fourth child. We had a 6-year-old, two 15 month-olds and a newborn. Let’s just say even getting to the grocery store and back home again was a challenge. I needed help and I dreamed of having a living helper who would go with us when I wanted her to and stay at home with the children when I needed her to. It seemed like a complete fantasy that could never happen.
At that time, I had heard of au pairs, live-in child-care providers from foreign countries, but had no idea how to get one and I didn’t believe we could afford one. But after dreaming about how wonderful it would be to have one, only two months later our first au pair arrived. Sycronicities, one after another, lined up as we met people who had au pairs and found it was easy and affordable for us to get one.
Over the next few years, we had 4 wonderful au pairs and now have friends from Estonia, Brazil, Thailand and Poland. It was the incredible experience that I had dreamed it would be. Awesome childcare and expanding knowledge of other cultures. I have such fond memories of those years. Years that could have been crazy but instead were so much easier and more entertaining with an extra set of hands. It was so fun to have someone live with us and teach us about their culture as they became part of ours.
It renewed my desire to travel abroad. One of our au pairs went on to live in Italy for a year and sparked a desire in us to go. I wrote a blog post on my first blog, that probably doesn’t exist on the internet anymore, about how I knew that we would be able to stretch beyond the level we were at and be able to take this trip to Italy. At that time it was a huge financial leap for us, so I put it on the back burner. We tried to plan it a few times but it fell through each time. I didn’t worry about how or when it would happen but I had a picture of it unfolding perfectly.
Now, my children are at an age that it’s much easier for us to travel and our home school group is hosting a trip to Italy this year. Still, even plane tickets for six people to go to Italy can be pricey. I didn’t even consider it until the last day to sign up. We suddenly had a large chunk of change come into our business and everything synchronized so that in 24 hour period the trip went from not being on my radar to being booked and paid for. I didn’t take care of the details or figure out how the trip would come about or be paid for, the universe did the heavy lifting for me.
So, if you have a big dream, take some time to feel how fun it would be to experience it and then leave it up to the universe to provide the magic. It might happen tomorrow, or next year, or like my Italy trip, it could take 8 years. Trust that it will come when it’s time and then, when you get inspired, take action. Now looking back to the times I wanted to take this trip before but it didn’t materialize, it was a good thing. Going to Italy with 3 and 4 years old or 6 and 7 year olds would likely have been much more challenging than going with 9 and 10 year olds. My children are 15, 10, 10 and 9 now. It seems like it’s all coming together at the perfect time for us to get maximum enjoyment from the trip.
Take action when you are called to, but don’t beat yourself if you fail to take the leap. If I hadn’t booked the trip once I got the intuitive hit that now was the time, I wouldn’t be going to Italy next week. That doesn’t mean that the Universe couldn’t or wouldn’t line up more opportunities for me. The more we pay attention and act on the magic given us the more we will experience magic in our lives. I knew that we would go some day and I’m excited that the time is now, but I’m confident that if I had passed on this opportunity, the universe would line up another one.
Let the universe bring you some magic, too. Dream big, feel what it feels like to experience your dreams and then step back and live in joyous anticipation of all the magic that is coming your way.
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