The Secret to a Magical Life

Child opening a magic gift box with lights and shining around

So what’s the secret to a magical life:

All lives are magical.

You just have to live.

You do beautiful things.

You screw up.

Or you think you do.

You’re happy.

You’re sad.

You’re healthy.

You’re sick.

You feel love.

You feel alone.

It’s ok.

It’s all magic.

You play the hand you’ve been dealt.  You’ll pick up new cards along the way and you’ll throw some in the discard pile, but often you have to hold cards that you wish you didn’t have. It doesn’t mean that life isn’t magic.

The magic comes, when you relax, breathe and live. When you remember that life is magical and then you start to see it more.

Alchemy and the law of attraction don’t bring us perfect lives, they remind us to enjoy the life we are given and somehow when we do we are given more. Once we do that, life gets easier and syncronicities occur more and more. Things line up. They aren’t hard. They don’t always look different on the outside but they begin to feel different. We get in the flow and that’s where we experience more of what feels like magic. Just don’t forget you manifest everything and magic happens daily.

Don’t beat yourself up. You can’t get this wrong. Everyday is a new day. You can start fresh in any moment that you chose to.

Take these two simple steps:

1. Remember that your life is magical.

2. Look for the magic.

What you focus on you find. And once you find just a little bit of wonderfulness in your life to focus on, you begin creating more. It sound to easy but it’s not. Try it.

So share one thing, or more, that already feels magical and wonderful in your life right now in this moment. If you can’t think of at least five, you aren’t looking hard enough. The magic is there.

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