Invite in the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas Winter Woman with Miracle in Her Hand. Fairy. Beautifu

Inviting the Spirit of Christmas into your life can be an easy process. Just intending to experience it may be the most important step. Here are my 3 favorite ways, but be open to intuitively learning more ways that work perfectly for you:

Christ Essence: Even if you are not a Christian and celebrate Christmas as more of a cultural celebration, the Christ essence is very soothing and filled with love. I invite the Christ spirit to fill my home and set up decorations and candles devoted to the Christ spirit. I will also repeat the name Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ as a mantra. Catherine Ponder talks about the different energies of Jesus’s name in her book, The Dynamic Laws of Healing. There is definitely a powerful, calming vibration in that name.

Santa Essence: I ask to feel the essence of Santa, to connect with that loving, giving vibration. The spirit of Santa feels wonderful to me. It’s like Sugar Plum Fairies and all the is good, loving, and right in our world all wrapped up in one vibration. I pay homage to that essence in my decorations and I also like to play Santa by making up gifts for people I don’t know usually money in Christmas envelopes. I include a note saying that they have received a gift from the spirit of Santa and to please pass on their own gifts if they are able. I ask Santa’s essence to bring them to the right recipients and then I place them as I am guided. I have had a few magical encounters with the spirit of Santa. 

Nature’s Christmas Essence: I like to connect with elements of nature that hold the Christmas essence for me.I tend to picture the Nature Christmas essence as a feminine presence that looks similar to the woman at the top of this post. It balances out the masculine elements of Christmas for me. I place them around my house and decorate with them. I add them to my altar and I ask them to bring the Christmas spirit into my home. Some of my favorites are:

  • Live plants: holly, mistletoe, pine, & poinsettias
  • Crystals: jade and garnet are two I love because of the energy and their Christmas colors, but others can be great too, such as amethyst to heal loneliness or rose quartz for love
  • Essential Oils: I like to keep frankincense, fir, or other Christmas blends of essential oils diffusing through-out the season. You might like candles or incense.

May your holiday be filled with magic!