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New to Daily Alchemy? Start here

Here's all the magickal support levels available so you can choose your own adventure.

Free support:

Free Facebook Be Magick Group.  Support for alchemists, witches and other magickal peeps to create a daily practice that actually works. Let's create a spiritual practice that you actually engage daily to create more fulfillment, abundance and reach the goals you've been dreaming about for years. That's the magick of Daily Alchemy. 355 amazing alchemists and plenty of room for more!

Free MeWe Be Magick Group.  Same concept as the Facebook group but the MeWe platform is Facebook without the ads and all the clutter. I'm liking it because it's so calm and the groups have a little chat area that could be fun. It's only me right now so I'd love to have some of you adventurous types join me.

The Adventures in Alchemy Podcast. Tons of free magickal tips and stories and interviews with magickal peeps.

More Support:

The Daily Alchemy Premium Member's Lab. 15+ Alchemy & Magick Classes, Experiments, Reiki Training & Attunements, Live Clearings and Chats, Digital Copies of books and planners,  a private Facebook Group and more! Only $11.11 a month

BooksPersonal Alchemy & Relationship Alchemy are available on Amazon

Planners & Magickal Products: The Moon & Magick Planner, Homemade Herbal products, and more!

Premium Support:

VIP Daily Alchemy Premium Membership. Everything included in the premium member's lab plus one-on-one access to Michelle on a private messenger app to give you personalized support and answers.

Unlimited Magick & Alchemy Coaching. Everything included in VIP premium membership plus two 30 minute Zoom Coaching sessions and a private online Alchemy Lab Space for personal PDFs and file to be shared and easily retrieved.

And Brand New One-Off Support:

Book Me by the Hour. You can get an hour of Alchemy & Magick Coaching, no hassles, no commitments. Just book and pay and then we play.