How to Stop Creating the Same Problem

Concept sign for settled habits and conventions which are very stable and difficult to overcome: old habits die hard.

Do you have situations in your life that happen over and over? Keep choosing unfaithful people to date? Keep getting hired for dead-end jobs? Keep feeling like you make the same wrong choice over and over? Been there, done that?

I know what it feels like to be done with the same old yuck coming back time and time again. You can shift your story and create a new one that is perfect for you. I’m always reminded of the movie Groundhog Day when I think about this. If you haven’t seen it it’s well worth your time. Bill Murray plays the main character who has to keep living the same day over and over until he changes his attitudes and actions. It’s a fabulous reminder of how we create our lives, even how other people respond to us, by our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Once you are aware of the pattern and you stop resisting it, you can focus creating new beliefs that allow you to create a new pattern.

Some ideas to change your beliefs are:


Pray Rain Journaling


Telling a New Story

What is your favorite techniques for changing your beliefs and writing a new story? i”d love to hear it! Here’s to creating new stories and writing them that way we want them to be!