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5 Tips to Break Manifestor’s Block

You know that basic rule of the law of attraction, “You  have to feel like you already have it to attract it.” Pretty basic stuff. Right? Like attracts like. We know this. What do you do when you don’t feel the feeling of having the life you desire? When you aren’t feeling passionate about creating […]

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Map Your Vibration

Ever wish you had one of the maps with the “you are here” sticker that shows you how you are vibrating?  Are you going in the right direction? Are you getting closer to your goals or are you even going in the right direction? Abraham-Hicks talks about a person who is driving from one city […]

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No Time to Meditate?

Life is busy for most of us, no doubt, and we can often feel like we don’t have time to fit everything in. Still, you don’t have give up on meditating or the feel that you have no time to meditate. The rewards are so worth your time and you can work meditating into your […]

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A Matter of Perspective by Cloris Kylie Stock

Today I’m turning over the reins to one of my favorite bloggers again.  Here’s Cloris: A Matter of Perspective by Cloris Kylie Stock   I’m a paddleboarder, and the people at my local paddleboard and kayak rental place know it.   As soon as Daniel, the guy in charge, saw me, he reached out for […]

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Law of Attraction Homeschooling

Next week, my kids will be starting a new school year and they’ll be doing their schooling outside of the traditional school. I’m super excited to have the flexibility and fun of online schooling, where their core lessons are provided for them and I’ll be able to supplement their learning with lessons they wouldn’t normally […]

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Do You Have an Emergency LOA Back-Up Plan?

Sometimes we all freak out.  Things aren’t going right and we wonder does all this “positive thought stuff” really work?  If so, why are situations spinning out of control? That’s when we need our Emergency LOA Back-Up Plan. Mine is a tattered piece of paper, with a few paragraphs on it. I carry it in […]

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