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Ten World Changing Questions for 2016

I’m a big believer in the power of positive questions. I share a Magic Question daily. It’s one of the techniques I use to give my mind something productive to do. The mind likes to figure things out. It’s what it does. When we give it something good to think about like “How can I […]

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This Affirmation is Magical

Would you believe that the perfect place to be is right here, right now? Pretty lucky for you that’s where you are, right? Unless you are off worrying about the future and feeling down about the past. Don’t worry, we can fix that with just fourteen short words. I recently used an affirmation with wonderful […]

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Manifesting for Babies

[Note: If you ended up here looking for help manifesting a baby this post isn’t about that, but here’s a great one from the Good Vibe Blog that will help with manifesting a pregnancy. Then, come back here once you’re pregnant and learn how to send your baby high vibes.] How early is too early to teach […]

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Change Your Life in One Easy Step

Want to change your life? Want to make lasting changes? Then stop trying to change so much at once. Many people decide to improve their lives and they decide to stop smoking, start exercising, and go back to school all at once. And they crash and burn. It’s the same premise when we decide to […]

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Law Of Attraction Guide to Decision Making

In our abundant world, many people suffer from decision fatigue. There are massive amounts of choices; it can be overwhelming. What restaurant to chose for lunch? What color to paint our bedroom? Should we go back to school? Which one? Which phone? Which phone case? What shoes? Should I go to the party? On & […]

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The Power Of Blessing

When something goes wrong do you curse it or bless it? Our natural reactions often lead toward the negative, but that only breeds more negativity. I learned about blessing people and situations many years ago though Catherine Ponder in her book, The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages.  The practice has served me very well over the […]

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Thanksgiving: Can You Feel It?

You have a list of all the reasons you should feel thankful, but do you really feel thankful? As most of us in the law of attraction circles know, it’s the feeling that counts.  If we say an affirmation over and over and don’t believe it or feel good when we say it, it may […]

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No Time to Meditate?

Life is busy for most of us, no doubt, and we can often feel like we don’t have time to fit everything in. Still, you don’t have give up on meditating or the feel that you have no time to meditate. The rewards are so worth your time and you can work meditating into your […]

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Unexpected Treasures

  My grandmother passed away 10 years ago yet she always remains a profound influence on my life.  Last week, I traveled home and I knew I would be going through her house, collecting mementos.  My grandfather, who is 92, recently moved next to my parents so they can better help care for him and they are […]

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