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Magical Manifesting Formulas 3-Mantras

According to Wikipedia, a mantra is  “a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating transformation.” I call any phrase that I repeat over and over a mantra. I use mantras for manifesting when I’m experiencing feelings I don’t want and I’ve gotten too tangled up in them to just […]

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Magic Manifesting Formula 1– Set It and Forget It

First the bad news, there is no magical manifesting formula. Now, the good news,  we don’t need one. We need a “feeling” formula. All you need to do is match the vibration of what you want by feeling now the way you will feel once you have what you desire to manifest. There are some easy formulas that we can use […]

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Where There’s Smoke…

Where there’s smoke…. there’s fire? Not necessarily so.  Last week, my family was awakened by a fire alarm around 2 am in the morning.  We were staying on the 14th floor of a hotel in Clearwater Beach, Florida. When we opened our room door, the hallway was filled with smoke, along with the stairwells.  People were […]

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Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life? April 1, 2013

Happy Monday!  A Christian church shares it’s space with a Muslim Mosque? A Catholic school allows two gay students to attend the prom together? Nope,  this isn’t April Fools. It’s real life.  No matter what your personal beliefs are, I’m excited to see so much compassion and tolerance in our world. The new pope even […]

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If I’m driving crazy, maybe…

A few weeks ago, while driving my oldest daughter to school, a skidding car passed in a no passing zone and continued to zoom around cars. Once I got over the adrenaline rush, I said “Maybe she’s in labor and she’s got to get to the hospital NOW.” My daughter replied “Maybe her bladder control medicine quit working, […]

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What’s your story?

We all tell ourselves stories everyday.  What kind of stories do you tell?  Do you tell stories of how your spouse doesn’t understand you, how you boss is incompetent, how you can’t afford a vacation, or something along this lines? We all know these stories don’t get us anywhere, but “it’s reality,” we say. Maybe […]

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