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Cocooning So Hard

I’m emerging, but not as a full-blown butterfly I’m still a disgusting blob of goo in some places I bring you a message from my past 6 months of cocooning: Spiritual growth does not equate personal growth You may be able to travel the astral realms and feel the oneness But if you avoid conflict […]

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Time to Emerge

  It’s that time of year when I begin dreaming of receiving my new word of the year. If you don’t know how it works, you don’t get to chose your word. It chooses you and presents itself to you. (I have tips for how to allow in your word in the Be Magick in […]

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🌚 UNRAVELING–New Moon Musings

            Unraveling I have been unraveling lately. I’m like a mummy who is pulling off one bandage only to find another. Wondering why I let myself be bound and gasping to realize I put most of the strips in place myself. Creating so many rules for myself: ✅It’s ok to […]

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💪Resist Magical Perfection💪

        💪Resist Magical Perfection💪 Do you ever get stuck in the “hows” in your spiritual life? ❓How should I meditate? ❓How do I make a vision board that works? ❓How can I manifest the money I need to now? ❓How do I know if my altar is set up right? ❓How do […]

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Are You Distracting Yourself From Living?

Are you distracting yourself from living? Do you go to bed at night satisfied that you were present that day and lived it fully? Do you do something every day that will matter ten years from now? (Self-care and connecting with other’s counts!) Do you do something every day that brings you joy? As part of […]

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This Affirmation is Magical

Would you believe that the perfect place to be is right here, right now? Pretty lucky for you that’s where you are, right? Unless you are off worrying about the future and feeling down about the past. Don’t worry, we can fix that with just fourteen short words. I recently used an affirmation with wonderful […]

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