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Change Your Life in One Easy Step

Want to change your life? Want to make lasting changes? Then stop trying to change so much at once. Many people decide to improve their lives and they decide to stop smoking, start exercising, and go back to school all at once. And they crash and burn. It’s the same premise when we decide to […]

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Since I Have Children: My One Promise

Recently, a Christian pastor wrote a post stating his four promises if he has gay kids. I was pleased that such a conservative man would stand up for, accept, and love his children no matter their sexual orientation. Then, I shared the article with my 14 year-old daughter. She had a totally different response than I did. […]

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I’ve been Floating; Time to Dive Back in

I’ve been floating. It’s summer time, so it seemed a fun thing to do. Yep, I have been skimming the surface a bit. My brain hasn’t been bursting blog posts like usual and when I sat down to write nothing came to the surface, so I didn’t write. When I sat down to record some […]

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A Fun Way to Boost Your Abundance Now!

  Want a fun way to boost your abundance? OK, so the short answer is hire someone. Before you click out of this post thinking you can’t afford to hire anyone, wait and let me explain. I learned this concept, when my husband and I started a business when we had only been married a […]

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The Power Of Blessing

When something goes wrong do you curse it or bless it? Our natural reactions often lead toward the negative, but that only breeds more negativity. I learned about blessing people and situations many years ago though Catherine Ponder in her book, The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages.  The practice has served me very well over the […]

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