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Episode196: 10 Mundane to Magickal Life Hacks

Show Notes; This episode is sponsored by The Daily Alchemy Premium Member’s Lab. You can check it out at www.dapmlab.com  and you can join up here: https://dailyalchemy.simplero.com/purchase/74720-Daily-Alchemy-Premium-Members-Lab/price/205270-gold-life-lab   We have to do lots of mundane tasks in our day. We can leave them mundane or we can hack them to make them magickal. It doesn’t […]

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Bathroom Affirmations

The bathroom is the one place where I do most of my spiritual practice.  Maybe it because I hide from my four kids in there.  It’s great for anyone to incorporate some mediation or affirmation practice there for several reasons.  One it’s usually a quiet, private space.  Two you are going to be there every morning, […]

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