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The Magical Giving Game

Need to boost your spirits? Are you down in the dumps or feeling stuck?  Want an easy way to raise your spirits and get back into the flow of life? Here is one thing that always works for me: The Magical Giving Game: This is a very simple two-step giving game that never fails to […]

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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Manifest Money

I’ve noticed that I don’t post much about money on this site and sometimes I worry that I’ll be judged if I do.  That’s my cue that I need to write a post on money. A lot of spiritual people believe they are not supposed to want money.  I know some people do very well without it, […]

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Lookin’ for Luv by Cloris Kylie Stock

I recently connected with Cloris Kylie Stock and fell in love with her blog and I’m looking forward to her upcoming interview with Pam Grout on Cloris’s Magnificent Time radio show. She was gracious enough to write a guest post for Daily Alchemy about finding love. So, here’s Cloris: Lookin’ for Luv by Cloris Kylie […]

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Magical Manifesting Formula 2- Be of Service

We all have obligations and tasks we do to be of service to others. What makes these tasks magical is how you feel about them.  When my life gets stagnant and things just don’t seem to be progressing, I have learned that I need to stop and look at my focus. If I’m only thinking […]

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3 Experiments for Valentine’s Day

Here are three Alchemical Love Experiments for Valentine’s Day: If you don’t have a spouse or significant other and want one: Pretend you have the most wonderful perfect partner in your life and they are just temporarily away, on a business trip or whatever story works for you.  Imagine how excited you will be to […]

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What Did You Give for Valentine’s Day?

It’s not Valentine’s day, yet, be what are we planning on giving this year.  I often get asked after Valentine’s Day “What did you get?”  Maybe it’s different for men but it seems like women are often asked what they received, not what they gave. It seems when we’re complaining about what we were given […]

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