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This Affirmation is Magical

Would you believe that the perfect place to be is right here, right now? Pretty lucky for you that’s where you are, right? Unless you are off worrying about the future and feeling down about the past. Don’t worry, we can fix that with just fourteen short words. I recently used an affirmation with wonderful […]

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I’ve been Floating; Time to Dive Back in

I’ve been floating. It’s summer time, so it seemed a fun thing to do. Yep, I have been skimming the surface a bit. My brain hasn’t been bursting blog posts like usual and when I sat down to write nothing came to the surface, so I didn’t write. When I sat down to record some […]

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Magnificent…Married or Not by Cloris Kylie

I have been a big fan or Cloris Kylie for a while. She has done a several guest posts here on Daily Alchemy and she is launching a fabulous new book today, “Magnificent…Married or Not: Reaching Your Highest Self Before, During, and After Divorce.” I’ve gotten lots of questions from readers here about how to heal […]

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The Magical Giving Game

Need to boost your spirits? Are you down in the dumps or feeling stuck?  Want an easy way to raise your spirits and get back into the flow of life? Here is one thing that always works for me: The Magical Giving Game: This is a very simple two-step giving game that never fails to […]

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My Magical Vacation

You may (or may not) have noticed I missed posting for a few weeks. My family and I went on a Disney Cruise and then on to Disney World for one crazy, magical vacation and although I’m not sure I’ve caught up on everything since I got home, we had an awesome time. I was […]

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What You Really Wanted for Valentine’s Day

The dust is beginning to settle from Valentine’s Day and inevitably there’s a lot of unhappy women and men who feel let down. This might be mostly women. I’ve never actually had a man tell me how awful their significant other is because they didn’t get them what they wanted for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s […]

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