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This Affirmation is Magical

Would you believe that the perfect place to be is right here, right now? Pretty lucky for you that’s where you are, right? Unless you are off worrying about the future and feeling down about the past. Don’t worry, we can fix that with just fourteen short words. I recently used an affirmation with wonderful […]

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The “And What Else is Wonderful” Game

I am in Italy!!!! I’m waiting for the bus to take us to the boat to Venice as we speak, so life is wonderful. However, as any of you who have traveled with children know, tired kids aren’t always happy kids. Actually, I’ve been super impressed how well they are doing. Everyone was a trooper […]

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You are A Gift

You are a gift to the world every day. Some days you are a gift because you share your talent.Some days you are a gift because you are blessed by the talents of others.Some days you are a gift because you have love to give to those in need. Some days you are a gift […]

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Magnificent…Married or Not by Cloris Kylie

I have been a big fan or Cloris Kylie for a while. She has done a several guest posts here on Daily Alchemy and she is launching a fabulous new book today, “Magnificent…Married or Not: Reaching Your Highest Self Before, During, and After Divorce.” I’ve gotten lots of questions from readers here about how to heal […]

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You are Worthy. End of Story.

On my Daily Alchemy Facebook page, my intention is to expand love in the world. Love for ourselves and others. I aim to post words that will uplift people. A few days ago I posted this in my Facebook page “If you exist, you are worthy. End of story. You are worthy. You matter. Your […]

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