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The “And What Else is Wonderful” Game

I am in Italy!!!! I’m waiting for the bus to take us to the boat to Venice as we speak, so life is wonderful. However, as any of you who have traveled with children know, tired kids aren’t always happy kids. Actually, I’ve been super impressed how well they are doing. Everyone was a trooper […]

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All Roads Lead to Happiness

Sometimes we struggle. We know it’s not the best choice and we know that it doesn’t get us where we want to go, but sometimes we all forget to relax and go with the flow. I’ve been practicing finding joy and living a happy life for a while now, but like many people, I have […]

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The Secret to a Magical Life

So what’s the secret to a magical life: All lives are magical. You just have to live. You do beautiful things. You screw up. Or you think you do. You’re happy. You’re sad. You’re healthy. You’re sick. You feel love. You feel alone. It’s ok. It’s all magic. You play the hand you’ve been dealt. […]

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Thanksgiving: Can You Feel It?

You have a list of all the reasons you should feel thankful, but do you really feel thankful? As most of us in the law of attraction circles know, it’s the feeling that counts.  If we say an affirmation over and over and don’t believe it or feel good when we say it, it may […]

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