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A Matter of Perspective by Cloris Kylie Stock

Today I’m turning over the reins to one of my favorite bloggers again.  Here’s Cloris: A Matter of Perspective by Cloris Kylie Stock   I’m a paddleboarder, and the people at my local paddleboard and kayak rental place know it.   As soon as Daniel, the guy in charge, saw me, he reached out for […]

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Do You Have an Emergency LOA Back-Up Plan?

Sometimes we all freak out.  Things aren’t going right and we wonder does all this “positive thought stuff” really work?  If so, why are situations spinning out of control? That’s when we need our Emergency LOA Back-Up Plan. Mine is a tattered piece of paper, with a few paragraphs on it. I carry it in […]

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Oneness Is Magical and Much Deeper Than We Think by Craig Kimbrough

Mediation is one of my favorite practices to get aligned and improve your life. Meditation can make changes so subtle you don’t always notice them at first, but they multiply over time.  I know for sure that I have more peace, connectedness, ease and creativity in my life as a direct result of meditating.  I was excited to find Craig […]

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Love is a Thousand Times Stronger than Hate

We are blessed to live in a world where more people love and help than hurt.  Nobody wants to see a tragedy, but our society continually meets disaster with large out pourinsg of love and kindness everytime. No matter what happens, the love that repsonds to it is always a thousand times stronger than the hate that […]

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Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life? April 1, 2013

Happy Monday!  A Christian church shares it’s space with a Muslim Mosque? A Catholic school allows two gay students to attend the prom together? Nope,  this isn’t April Fools. It’s real life.  No matter what your personal beliefs are, I’m excited to see so much compassion and tolerance in our world. The new pope even […]

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Oopsie! Spiritual People can be Jerks, too!

Sometimes we do things that make ourselves wince.  Things that we would take back if we could.  If we think about it, we never do “bad” things when we feel good, but that doesn’t help us when we in the moment of “Oh, my what did I just do?!?” Last week, I yelled at my […]

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