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Ten World Changing Questions for 2016

I’m a big believer in the power of positive questions. I share a Magic Question daily. It’s one of the techniques I use to give my mind something productive to do. The mind likes to figure things out. It’s what it does. When we give it something good to think about like “How can I […]

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How to Stop Creating the Same Problem

Do you have situations in your life that happen over and over? Keep choosing unfaithful people to date? Keep getting hired for dead-end jobs? Keep feeling like you make the same wrong choice over and over? Been there, done that? I know what it feels like to be done with the same old yuck coming back […]

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A Prescription for Healing the Earth

Many of us worry about the planet. We worry about global warming. We worry about over-population. We worry about disease. We worry about our children and grandchildren’s future. I totally understand those concerns but we as Magical Life Alchemists know that worry is not where our power lies.  Nope, solutions are where we want to […]

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How to Cope with Sadness

I know you get sad. I get sad, too. I will tell you that from this point on my path, sadness is a lot less frequent than it used to be, but it still comes up and rears it’s head. Truth is I don’t ever expect this to change. I expect sadness will always be […]

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How I Embrace The Journey

I have 4 kids. Yes, my life is rich and full and sometimes really busy. Most people look at me with all four children in tow and say things like, “Well, aren’t your hands full.” or “Ones enough for me.” or “I remember those days, it’ll get better.” Here’s the thing though, I love these […]

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5 Tips to Break Manifestor’s Block

You know that basic rule of the law of attraction, “You  have to feel like you already have it to attract it.” Pretty basic stuff. Right? Like attracts like. We know this. What do you do when you don’t feel the feeling of having the life you desire? When you aren’t feeling passionate about creating […]

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