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A Spell For Venus Day

A Love Spell for Venus Day: Don’t worry, you needn’t be a witch or an alchemist or any such thing to harness the Magick of language —of course, all the better if you are, Today, all day long as you talk to yourself, speak to yourself in over-exaggerated terms of endearment  Oh, Wise One, would […]

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The Antidote to Hate

The antidote to hate is not more hate. Some of spiritual community has lowered their vibration in response to the presidential election process in the US. People who usually talk about self-love, peace and spiritual growth are suddenly spewing hatred and barbed insults. It’s pretty easy to see that if “like attracts like” meeting certain […]

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Got Magic? : 4 Easy Steps to Magicify Your Life

Everybody Wants Some Presto Magic. –B.o.B. Life is more fun when it’s magical. That’s why I’m always focusing on new ways to magicify my life and you can magicify your life too! (Yes, magicify is a word. OK, I might have made it up!) One of my favorite magic-making techniques is scripting or talking about what […]

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Even Atheists Need a Ministry

You need a ministry. Whether you are Catholic or Muslim. Whether you are religious or spiritual. Everyone needs a ministry, even atheists. What is a ministry? A ministry is how you called to serve in the world. A ministry is the passion that makes you jump out of  bed in the morning, excited to take […]

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Turn Your Thoughts Around

  A few weeks ago, I had a thought that stopped me in my tracks. I thought “I hate Bob.” (Ok, it wasn’t Bob. The name has been changed to protect the innocent and I bear no ill will toward anyone named Bob.)  It caught my attention because after so many years of working on […]

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4 Steps to Create a Magical New Year

I hope 2013 was fabulous for you. Whether it was a year that you loved or a year you’re more than ready to say good-bye to, there are some easy ways to set ourselves up to create a magical New Year in 2014. Since 1993, my first New Year’s at a Unity Church, I have […]

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Calling All Undercover Angels

You, yes, you are invited to join the League of Undercover Angels. Membership is free and easy. Just decide that you’d like to be an undercover angel and state your intention to God or the Universe or whatever works for you. Ask for assignments and wait for them to appear or you can make up […]

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