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Aren’t Your Tired?

Arent you tired? Aren’t you tired of trying to fit in with the maddening crowd? Aren’t you tired of having conversations about nothing that matters? Aren’t you tired of living the same boring day over and over? Aren’t you tired of denying your calling? Aren’t you tired of living in Stepfordland and dulling your emotions […]

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Manifesting with Mood Swings

Hi, there! I wanted to share with you today, from my personal experience, what I call manifesting with mood swings, a story of how I fought my natural body and the cycle of my body for years because I didn’t understand it. And then when I understood it, learned how to work with it, how that shifted […]

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5 Tips to Break Manifestor’s Block

You know that basic rule of the law of attraction, “You  have to feel like you already have it to attract it.” Pretty basic stuff. Right? Like attracts like. We know this. What do you do when you don’t feel the feeling of having the life you desire? When you aren’t feeling passionate about creating […]

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Are you cutting you manifesting in half?

How much are we letting in? When we want things do we hold them at bay just by ignoring the resources that we have? Or do we selectively do what feels right to us?  Do we cut our manifesting in half by not using what we have already manifested to create more? I recently noticed […]

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