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Manifesting like a 13 year old

Can you guess what my 13 year old has decided to manifest? She wants to be a gymnast, on a college team or an Olympic team. She 13, 5’6″ and she has not done gymnastics, except a few years when she was seven to eight years old. She can do a cartwheel, but she’s starting almost […]

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Eyoälha Baker & the Jump for Joy Photo Project

This picture is a self portrait of Eyoälha Baker of the Jump for Joy Project. It looks much clearer and beautiful on her blog. I ran across Eyoälha Baker’ s blog a month or so ago and I love looking at the pictures of people jumping for joy.  It always lifts my spirits when I look at […]

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Alchewhaty and the Magic Bubble

Why call this blog Daily Alchemy?  The quick answer is Daily Magic was taken, but I’m kind of glad it was.  I like alchemy and the 18th century vibe I get from the word. Dictionary definition of Alchemy: There are many different types of Alchemy, but most people are familiar with the definition: the art of […]

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3 Experiments for Valentine’s Day

Here are three Alchemical Love Experiments for Valentine’s Day: If you don’t have a spouse or significant other and want one: Pretend you have the most wonderful perfect partner in your life and they are just temporarily away, on a business trip or whatever story works for you.  Imagine how excited you will be to […]

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Who “AM” You?

Do we really think about what we attach to our I AM?  What is an I AM?  It is simply the words we  choose to utter after the words I AM.  They can be positive or negative or even neutral but they can affect us in a big way. When I first started learning about positive […]

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