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How I Embrace The Journey

I have 4 kids. Yes, my life is rich and full and sometimes really busy. Most people look at me with all four children in tow and say things like, “Well, aren’t your hands full.” or “Ones enough for me.” or “I remember those days, it’ll get better.” Here’s the thing though, I love these […]

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How to Be a Spiritual Alchemist in a Modern World

Even if you don’t consider yourself an alchemist, spiritual and personal growth are some of the best vehicles to add magic to your life. The trick is to focus on your inner life at least part of every day. Our modern world affords us lots of benefits; easy access to information, basic needs, health care, […]

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Change Your Life in One Easy Step

Want to change your life? Want to make lasting changes? Then stop trying to change so much at once. Many people decide to improve their lives and they decide to stop smoking, start exercising, and go back to school all at once. And they crash and burn. It’s the same premise when we decide to […]

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A Matter of Perspective by Cloris Kylie Stock

Today I’m turning over the reins to one of my favorite bloggers again.  Here’s Cloris: A Matter of Perspective by Cloris Kylie Stock   I’m a paddleboarder, and the people at my local paddleboard and kayak rental place know it.   As soon as Daniel, the guy in charge, saw me, he reached out for […]

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How to Find the Perfect Meditation for You

When most people think of meditation, they think of someone sitting in lotus position chanting “Om.” While that certainly is one way to meditate, it’s not the only or best way.  If classic meditation doesn’t appeal to you, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way that you enjoy that will give you the same benefits. […]

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Oneness Is Magical and Much Deeper Than We Think by Craig Kimbrough

Mediation is one of my favorite practices to get aligned and improve your life. Meditation can make changes so subtle you don’t always notice them at first, but they multiply over time.  I know for sure that I have more peace, connectedness, ease and creativity in my life as a direct result of meditating.  I was excited to find Craig […]

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