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Cocooning So Hard

I’m emerging, but not as a full-blown butterfly I’m still a disgusting blob of goo in some places I bring you a message from my past 6 months of cocooning: Spiritual growth does not equate personal growth You may be able to travel the astral realms and feel the oneness But if you avoid conflict […]

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How to Have a Peaceful Life and Home

Do you have a peaceful life and home? Do you feel at home in your own skin and in the abode that you live in? Have you set intentions to feel peace in your life and in your home I have four children living in my home who keep it filled with quite a lot of […]

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Manifesting with Mood Swings

Hi, there! I wanted to share with you today, from my personal experience, what I call manifesting with mood swings, a story of how I fought my natural body and the cycle of my body for years because I didn’t understand it. And then when I understood it, learned how to work with it, how that shifted […]

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How to Stop Creating the Same Problem

Do you have situations in your life that happen over and over? Keep choosing unfaithful people to date? Keep getting hired for dead-end jobs? Keep feeling like you make the same wrong choice over and over? Been there, done that? I know what it feels like to be done with the same old yuck coming back […]

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A Prescription for Healing the Earth

Many of us worry about the planet. We worry about global warming. We worry about over-population. We worry about disease. We worry about our children and grandchildren’s future. I totally understand those concerns but we as Magical Life Alchemists know that worry is not where our power lies.  Nope, solutions are where we want to […]

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