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Is it OK?

Is it OK? Is it OK to break the rules? Is it OK to mess up and start over? Is it OK to date the wrong guy or girl over and over? Is it OK to quit a job you hate? Is it OK play in the rain? Is it OK to be afraid to […]

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If I’m driving crazy, maybe…

A few weeks ago, while driving my oldest daughter to school, a skidding car passed in a no passing zone and continued to zoom around cars. Once I got over the adrenaline rush, I said “Maybe she’s in labor and she’s got to get to the hospital NOW.” My daughter replied “Maybe her bladder control medicine quit working, […]

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Oopsie! Spiritual People can be Jerks, too!

Sometimes we do things that make ourselves wince.  Things that we would take back if we could.  If we think about it, we never do “bad” things when we feel good, but that doesn’t help us when we in the moment of “Oh, my what did I just do?!?” Last week, I yelled at my […]

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