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UpLevel in 2018

We are two weeks into 2018 and while I in past years I’d think I can’t believe it’s going so fast, but this year it feels like “Wow—it’s still January. Awesome!” I like my new Steadfast pace! Steadfast is my word for 2018. If you haven’t created yours and you’d like some support go to […]

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Warrior Year Breakdown

2016 was the year I said F-you to my word of the year.  Then, I proclaimed 2017 the year of the warrior. And in many ways, it was. I found myself fighting to heal my health, my relationships and my spirituality. I was fighting my own desire to stay safe and comfortable more than anything […]

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What is Your Word for 2015?

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, for the past 4-5 years I’ve chosen a word for the year. In all honesty, I usually lost touch with my word halfway through the year and didn’t continue to focus on it and I can’t remember what all of them were. One year is was CONNECTION and one year […]

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Create a Fabulous 2015

Spoiler Alert:  This post contains an affiliate link to a product I love. I get requests all the time to do affiliate or JV partnerships and I rarely do. I only recommend programs or products that I already use and love. Don’t worry, even if this product is not for you, there are still several […]

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4 Steps to Create a Magical New Year

I hope 2013 was fabulous for you. Whether it was a year that you loved or a year you’re more than ready to say good-bye to, there are some easy ways to set ourselves up to create a magical New Year in 2014. Since 1993, my first New Year’s at a Unity Church, I have […]

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