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The “And What Else is Wonderful” Game

I am in Italy!!!! I’m waiting for the bus to take us to the boat to Venice as we speak, so life is wonderful. However, as any of you who have traveled with children know, tired kids aren’t always happy kids. Actually, I’ve been super impressed how well they are doing. Everyone was a trooper […]

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How to Break a Manifesting Plateau

Once we learn that we can deliberately create what we want in our lives by changing our thoughts and feelings, the world gets amazingly fun. If you haven’t experienced that here’s  some tips to get you started manifesting. If you have, but find that your manifesting has slowed down and your intentions aren’t occurring as quickly as […]

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Call in the Replacements

My daughter used to love the Disney cartoon, The Replacements. It’s not on the air anymore, but I loved the concept, too. Anytime anyone was mean or nasty, the children in the show called up a company that provided a better replacement. Sometimes their replacements worked out wonderfully. For example, the main character’s were orphans who […]

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A Fun Way to Boost Your Abundance Now!

  Want a fun way to boost your abundance? OK, so the short answer is hire someone. Before you click out of this post thinking you can’t afford to hire anyone, wait and let me explain. I learned this concept, when my husband and I started a business when we had only been married a […]

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My Magical Vacation

You may (or may not) have noticed I missed posting for a few weeks. My family and I went on a Disney Cruise and then on to Disney World for one crazy, magical vacation and although I’m not sure I’ve caught up on everything since I got home, we had an awesome time. I was […]

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