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What You Really Wanted for Valentine’s Day

The dust is beginning to settle from Valentine’s Day and inevitably there’s a lot of unhappy women and men who feel let down. This might be mostly women. I’ve never actually had a man tell me how awful their significant other is because they didn’t get them what they wanted for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s […]

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3 Experiments for Valentine’s Day

Here are three Alchemical Love Experiments for Valentine’s Day: If you don’t have a spouse or significant other and want one: Pretend you have the most wonderful perfect partner in your life and they are just temporarily away, on a business trip or whatever story works for you.  Imagine how excited you will be to […]

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What Did You Give for Valentine’s Day?

It’s not Valentine’s day, yet, be what are we planning on giving this year.  I often get asked after Valentine’s Day “What did you get?”  Maybe it’s different for men but it seems like women are often asked what they received, not what they gave. It seems when we’re complaining about what we were given […]

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