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What the *#%@?

We are good little positive thinkers and we know how to create our desires. We rave about what’s going right and we focus on where we want to go. So what if we wake up one day and everything sucks? Chemicalization is a crazy term that describes the situation that can occur when someone first starts engaging in positive […]

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I Remember Love

  Violet and E. Merel Martin, my grandparents I hope you will all indulge me a little bit today, as the post is not on one of my usual topics. Today was my Grandma Violet’s Birthday.  She would have been 86, but she passed away almost 10 years ago.The day after she died, I wrote […]

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Oneness Is Magical and Much Deeper Than We Think by Craig Kimbrough

Mediation is one of my favorite practices to get aligned and improve your life. Meditation can make changes so subtle you don’t always notice them at first, but they multiply over time.  I know for sure that I have more peace, connectedness, ease and creativity in my life as a direct result of meditating.  I was excited to find Craig […]

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Where is your Treasure?

Yesterday, my family and I took a cruise on Captain Memo’s Pirate ship and true to any pirate ship, there were treasure maps and treasure for all the little buccaneers. It reminded me of  an old school law of attraction alchemical process. Have you ever tried Treasure Mapping?  This is one of the first techniques […]

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