Tap Into the Magick Cycles of the Moon

Life is filled with cycles. Our life cycle, the cycle of a project, the cycle of the seasons, the cycles of relationships… Everything has a beginning, middle and end, and usually a rebirth where we start again.
​​​​​​​We know this, right? It’s all around us everywhere we look yet we often believe that we should be in a high productive flow state day in and day out. Week after week. Yet we are like the moon, especially women. We go through a monthly cycle. Our hormones ebb and flow as do our emotions, energy and outer productivity.
Why do we beat ourselves up for this natural phenomena? We can look to the moon’s cycle for guidance on how to improve our own productivity and connectedness without sacrificing our natural cycles.
I’m such a newbie when it comes to working with the moon but it’s made such a difference in how I feel about my own personal energy cycles. Learning a few simple things about the moon phases helped me relax about how I get things done.
I realized that my energy tends to follow the waxing and waning cycle of the moon. I usually get a ton of work done in two weeks of the month and then I find myself going inward and being more instrospective the rest of the month.
​​​​​​​I beat myself up over this cycle for years. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t be consistent all month long. Then, it finally soaked in that women operate on cycles just like the moon. How could I not notice this, I wondered? I’ve had a monthly menstrual cycle for years.
I began to purposely sync my patterns to the moons phases. I started doing most of my work during the waxing phase from the New Moon to the Full Moon and doing more writing, planning and nurturing myself during the waning moon phase from the Full Moon to the New Moon. I even made a Lunar Planner. You can get your copy in the Magical Freebie Vault.
I, also, made a podcast episode about working with moon cycles.  If you can’t listen on this link, It’s the Manifesting through Mood Swings Episode
This doesn’t mean I don’t do any work for two weeks out of the month. I still do outer work during those weeks but I schedule the bulk as much as possible for the times when I feel more productive and focus on other areas more when my energy turns inward.
My cycle doesn’t always sync perfectly with the moon so don’t worry if yours doesn’t either. Just remember there is a cycle and some days will be more outwardly productive and some will be more inwardly productive. Don’t beat yourself up when this natural pattern arises.
Here are a few tips to get you started honoring your cycles and the Moon’s Magick:
​​​​​​​1. Download the Lunar Planner. It’s basic but it works. You can get your copy in the Magical Freebie Vault
2. Consider using a Lunar calendar. I started with the Lunaria Calendar* a few years back and although it took me a while to get used to it, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a monthly calendar now. Plus, the calendar is amazingly beautiful. I’ve saved them all.
3. Download an app on your phone to keep you up to date on which moon phase we are in and which astrological sign, as well. Full Moon in Leo has a very different energetic feel than Full Moon in Virgo, etc.  Take time to feel what the energy of the current moon feels like and google if you want more insight into the typical energies of the moon phase in a certain sign. One of my favs for this info is Mystic Mama.   The app I use on my phone is called Lunar Calendar. It sends me updates on my phone when the signs and days shift.
4. Mark the New Moon and Full Moon on your calendar and start doing a simple ritual on each. The New Moon is the best time to set intentions and focus on what you’d like to increase. The Full Moon is the best time to let go and focus on what you intent to release.
5. Let it be easy and fun. Intend that exploring the cycles of the moon energy will help you accept and grow within your own energetic cycles.
You and the Moon are both beautiful and mysterious and have a perfect cycle.
Namaste & Bug Hugs,