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What a delight this was, I look forward to revisiting some of the materials. You are such a bright spot in the world. 🙂

(30 Day Manifesting Re-Set Email Course)

I am loving all of the reiki content–and all of your content, truthfully. I decided to join the Magical Life Manifest group after hemming and hawing and going back and forth with myself because your podcast became a staple of my days/weeks. Specifically, aside from the content resonating for me, your voice had (and has) the most calming effect on me. I think it’s your healing gift, really. I always felt like my energy levels had been recalibrated and soothed after listening to you. Have you heard that from others before?

Anyway, you are the best!

– Salimah Perkins, www.salimahjperkins.com

(Magical Life Manifesting Club)

This is the best little bit of money that I spend every month. I look forward to learning simple techniques that work and make my life better. I love the personal attention the teacher provides and interacting with a community of like-minded people. Lots of resources are also provided for more in-depth study if you so choose. Highly recommended!

– Debbie Herbert, www.debbieherbert.com

(Magical Life Manifesting Club)

I really feel like your help and great info has been so helpful for me. You are so helpful. We all go through crap times but your support to me has been great. It has helped even though I don’t always post. I could go on with so many examples of driftwood. Thanks for doing this!

(Magical Life Manifesting Club)

I am re-reading the your Manifesting email group.

Re-reading … I am seeing so many things I completely missed the first time around and am enjoy doing this just as much as the first time.

Thank you so much for creating this email (book). I love it and am so thankful you shared it.

Thank you!

Lots of love and blessings to you and your family!

– Keri

(30 Day Manifesting Re-Set Email Course)

Magic in Minutes. Awesome to hear such a positive voice in the world. Loved the story about two cooks using the same recipe but getting different results…so if we can raise our personal vibe, life can immediately get better even though nothing else changes right away. Will definitely make this podcast part of my vibe-raising

(Adventures in Alchemy Podcast)

I loved this podcast! I love the idea of doing things with the intention of loving yourself. Michelle always has helpful practices to use to transform your life. I love that the podcast is short and sweet, yet very powerful.

(Stitcher review of Adventures in Alchemy Podcast)

Thanks so much Michelle for this series and your focus on self love. Right before I started the course “self love” seemed to be popping up “everywhere” from my different readings. I had not put together self love and manifesting before this time — blessings, J.

(30 Day Manifesting Re-Set Journey Course)

I knew it would feed my soul if I replied with my affirmations for today – so thank you for the invitation, even if you don’t have time to read all of these, it was good for me to do this exercise. And, thank you for all you do – your work inspires me like I can’t begin to tell you! 🙂

(30 Day Manifesting Re-Set Journey Course)

If you are truly serious about your spiritual growth but have felt like there was something missing in your attempts and understanding of the many ways to go about it -this work is for you. Michelle takes you directly to the point of all your pursuits in a direct and no nonsense way. After reading this you will know exactly what you need to do. Then how to do it will flow. Thanks Michelle for being a beacon of light.

(Review of Personal Alchemy from Amazon)

If you want to know why just making vision boards or chanting affirmations doesn’t always work, this book is for you. Learning to vibrate at higher frequency makes so much sense. Certainly, our power increases the more in touch we get with our true, higher self. This book provides so many great exercises to do just that. I usually read an eBook first and then go back and do the exercises, but here, I was motivated to stop right away and do some personal work. This book helps explain what an integral part your personal alchemy is in the Law of Attraction. As Dobbins points out in the cooking analogy, it’s not just the ingredients and process that influence the end result, the person making the recipe influences it, too. I loved reading this book.

(Review of Personal Alchemy from Amazon)

For those of us who are more spiritual (like me), this book will make total sense. For those who are not (like my husband)…I encourage you to keep an open mind. The important takeaways in this book on a basic level are the power of visualization and positive thinking to help change your situation. Think happy = be happy. I love Michelle’s concept of writing down the story as you want it to be or think it should be, no matter how fanciful it seems. Writing is a great way to organize your thoughts and focus your vision and I’m a firm believer in its power. I guess that’s why I’m an author too.

(Review of Relationship Alchemy from Amazon)

In Relationship Alchemy, Michelle Martin Dobbins helps us maximize the joy we derive from all kinds of human relationships. Regardless of the type of relationship that takes up most of your attention at the moment, you will find inspiration and guidance to attract it into your life, improve it, and even let go of it.

This book is filled with ideas to feel more joyful and connected to our inner selves and to those around us.

Kudos once again to Michelle for writing this comprehensive reflection on alchemy applied to relationships.

(Review of Relationship Alchemy from Amazon)

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