Thanksgiving: Can You Feel It?

Celebrating Thanksgiving

You have a list of all the reasons you should feel thankful, but do you really feel thankful? As most of us in the law of attraction circles know, it’s the feeling that counts.  If we say an affirmation over and over and don’t believe it or feel good when we say it, it may not help our situations change very quickly.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful feeling. It’s made up of love and appreciation for all you’ve received and it can open your heart and create feelings of total bliss. Turkey and pumpkin pie are nice, but you don’t want to miss out on the feeling of Thanksgiving.

How do you connect with the feeling of Thanksgiving if it’s just not there?

1. Explore with your senses. As an example, if we want to feel thankful for water we can: feel it on our skin soothing we as take a shower, savor drinking a cold glass of it, look at a video or picture of water in nature, listen to the sound of a babbling brook or a roaring waterfall,  or smell the clean air by a mountain stream.  We don’t have to engage all of our senses, even just one or two can help us connect with why we are thankful.

2. Share your stories of why you’re thankful. Thanksgiving is a time when we often come together as a group of family and friend to celebrate. Instead of just sharing what you are thankful for when you go around the table, why not share a story about a blessing and why you are thankful for it. Sharing your positive stories and hearing other’s stories can create a feeling of shared thankfulness.

3. Meditate on thankfulness. Since I love to meditate already, sometimes I will just chose a word such as love or thankfulness and just repeat that word over and over  in meditation with the intention of experiencing that feeling deeply. Even if you are not a seasoned meditator, taking some time to quiet your mind will raise your vibration and that is something to be thankful for.

If you need some more ways to get in the spirit, check out Jeannette Maw’s Gratitude with a Twist post for a great thankfulness workout.

I’d love to hear how you increase your feelings of thankfulness or any comments you may have. 

  • clorisstock says:

    I usually start with the most evident and basic things to be grateful for: being alive, sunshine, clean air. This usually sparks ideas for more and more things to be grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle!

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