The Antidote to Hate

Strong Love

The antidote to hate is not more hate.

Some of spiritual community has lowered their vibration in response to the presidential election process in the US. People who usually talk about self-love, peace and spiritual growth are suddenly spewing hatred and barbed insults.

It’s pretty easy to see that if “like attracts like” meeting certain candidates with low vibration responses will not serve us. It won’t bring peace to our own lives and it certainly won’t bring peace to our country.

No, the antidote to hate is not more hate.

The antidote to hate is strong love.

Not infatuation that wears off when the next cause comes along. Not conditional love that requires that situations go the way we want them to in order for us to share our love.

No, I’m talking about the kind of love that helps a mother to pick an eight thousand pound car off of her child. The love that jumps in a river to save a drowning stranger. The love that bottle-feeds an abandoned animal. The love that has feet and does what it takes to create positive change.

If you find yourself feeling stress, anger and fear when you look at the presidential campaign or any other situation in your life, here are 3 steps that will help you shift from hate to strong love:

1. Feel the Hate. Don’t pretend that negative emotions aren’t there. If you are feeling hate, anger, or fear, let it be ok. Sit with those feelings and feel them. Be there for yourself. My 5 Minutes to Revamp your Vibe eKit process can help.

These strong negative feelings come up in us to be felt and processed and often, even though they may be triggered by what’s going on outside of us, they don’t really have anything to do with the person who pushes our buttons.

When outside stimuli creates anger, don’t jump to respond. Don’t immediately reply to the Facebook post that makes your eyes start twitching and don’t debate the person who’s comments make you want to pinch their head off.

Instead get curious as to why these comments bring up strong emotions and sit with those emotions. Let yourself feel them and shift them before you respond and you may not feel the need to respond at all.

2. Shift the Story. There’s likely a scary story behind you bad feelings. Start telling a better story. If you are telling yourself that our country will go downhill if a certain candidate wins, start telling the story of how everything will be fine no matter who wins. Tell the story of how so many people are growing spiritually and working together to improve our planet that no one person can stop that. Tell the story of how one high vibration person has more power than millions of low vibration people and how more and more people are raising their vibration and focusing on the belief in a peaceful planet.

Keep telling this new story. You don’t have to put your head in the sand but look for positive news sources and focus on your new story so you don’t get sucked back into fear.

3. Take Inspired, Solutions-Based Action. Once you are aligned with the future you would like to see and feeling now how you would feel if you loved the governments that were in place, ask yourself what action you can take.You might be inspired to send Reiki or healing energy to our government on a daily basis. Maybe you’ll decide to contribute to the candidate who most closely aligns with your values. You may even begin to work on the issue that means the most to you. If global warming is your greatest concern, you may be able to contribute money or your time and talents to help with the efforts to reverse it.

This teen boy created a way to clean the oceans. He didn’t wait for someone else to fix the problem or live in fear about the condition of our oceans. He focused on solutions and we can, too.

Spiritual people shouldn’t live in fear. We know what to do to create a better life for us all. Don’t get stuck in fear or hatred. It’s ok to feel them but don’t let those emotions control you. Let yourself feel them and shift them so that you can take the action that will make a difference for out planet.

As the Unity hymn goes “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” I would also say let there be strong love on Earth and let it begin with me.