The Next Sparkly Thing is Not the Answer

The Next Sparkly Thing is Not the Answer

  • I’m very blessed that I live in the country, I find I must be outside every day or I feel physically ill. Even in the worst part of winter…

    • Me, too, Janice Grondin I have to soak up that Earth energy. I haven’t lived in a rural area for a while but luckily I have a beautiful park in my neighborhood and my backyard is quite the oasis. Next week, I get to go home to WV and nothing beats that mountain air!

  • I forgot to mention that my Gold Life Lab is open now. In there we do NOT just keep learning random stuff, but we experiment with making what we do know work.

    • The Gold Life Lab is Open

      The Enchanted World exists in the same space as the mundane world

      The space is the same but the energy is a world apart

      Time slows and allows you to create your vision that you bring back with you to the mundane world

      That is the Gold Life Lab

      It’s a space where we decide what we want to create in our lives and
      We take metaphysical and physical action to make it happen

      A container for magick

      I’m here to serve as your High Priestess sending you energy
      Holding space
      Creating a place for Magick

      BUT make no mistake I will not do the work for you

      You will have to show up in the lab
      You will have to get uncomfortable
      You will have to risk your experiments blowing up in your face
      Those risks are the magick that gives you the opportunity to actually experience what your desire

      How does it work?

      Every month, we’ll conduct an experiment
      There will be some basic guidelines
      But you get to make it yours
      And as always, rule breaking is encouraged
      Don’t resonate with the theme of the month
      Go your own way
      Of course, I’ll still be there to provide energetic and emotional support�

      I’ll send reiki and attunements
      You’ll take the aligned actions that are inspired by the energy
      We all benefit from the group synergy

      We learn what gets us results and what doesn’t
      We make spiritual growth fun again

      I provide the lab and the manual for each New Moon
      You complete the experiment and your lab report
      But not to check it off your list
      To dive in and laser focus on what you desire to create next

      To actually live in the energy of your creation

      All in way that takes only minutes a day
      So you’ll actually do it
      And see transformation


      Not always in the way you expected but when you do the work
      Results happen
      Often in the most extraordinary ways

      Founding Alchemist’s Special

      $17.00 a month as long as you stay a member (price will go up for new members to $27.00 a month on August 15th)

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