This is actually the first week of the New Year…Prove Me Wrong

This Aries season started two days ago, and I would argue that the first day of Aries season should actually be New Year’s Day. Why?

September is currently the ninth month of the year but doesn’t sept mean seven?

October is currently the tenth month of the year but doesn’t oct mean eight?

November is currently the eleventh month of the year but doesn’t novem mean nine?

December is currently the twelve month of the year but doesn’t dec mean ten?


Ok, it’s probably not a big conspiracy theory and this is all just because the Roman calendar had only 10 months starting with, drum roll please…


If you want to read a simple overview of how it used to be check out this Wikipedia pag

Honestly is only makes sense that a new year would start around the Spring Solstice and not close to the winter solstice. Hello? We semi-hibernate in the winter. When do we start to see new life emerge? Spring! *

Either by design or accident, our timing for starting New Year’s goals in January is not properly aligned and I would suggest that now is a perfect time for a reboot.

If you are one of the many quarantined or semi-quarantined folks, then you’ve got some time to make some plans and I happen to have a gift for you.

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Magick & New Year’s Hugs,


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*Note: I get that this makes no sense if you are in the Sothern Hemisphere, but the new year shouldn’t start near Summer Solstice either already way into growing season. Maybe the Southern Hemisphere should have their year start at a different time, but that is too complicated for our minds to wrap around in a globally connected world. However, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are socially isolating now could still be great time to do some planning.