• The Gold LIFe Lab is Open

    The Enchanted World exists in the same space as the mundane world

    The space is the same but the energy is a world apart

    Time slows and allows you to create your vision that you bring back with you to the mundane world

    That is the Gold Life Lab

    It’’s a space where we decide what we want to create in our lives and
    We take metaphysical and physical action to make it happen

    A container for magick

    I’m here to serve as your High Priestess sending you energy
    Holding space
    Creating a place for Magick

    BUT make no mistake I will not do the work for you

    You will have to show up in the lab
    You will have to get uncomfortable
    You will have to risk your experiments blowing up in your face
    Those risks are the magick that gives you the opportunity to actually experience what your desire

    How does it work?

    Every month, we’ll conduct an experiment
    There will be some basic guidelines
    But you get to make it yours
    And as always, rule breaking is encouraged
    Don’t resonate with the theme of the month
    Go your own way
    Of course, I’ll still be there to provide energetic and emotional support

    I’ll send reiki and attunements
    You’ll take the aligned actions that are inspired by the energy
    We all benefit from the group synergy

    We learn what gets us results and what doesn’t
    We make spiritual growth fun again

    I provide the lab and the manual for each New Moon
    You complete the experiment and your lab report
    But not to check it off your list
    To dive in and laser focus on what you desire to create next

    To actually live in the energy of your creation

    All in way that takes only minutes a day
    So you’ll actually do it
    And see transformation


    Not always in the way you expected but when you do the work
    Results happen
    Often in the most extraordinary ways

    Founding Alchemist’s Special

    $17.00 a month as long as you stay a member (price will go up for new members to $27.00 a month on August 15th)https://dailyalchemy.simplero.com/purchase/74720-Gold-Life-Lab/price/200340-charter-member

  • I love this. I love all your videos. Lol
    But this one…absolutely love.
    A few times I’ve mentioned to people that just one smile, one compliment can have a life changing impact on someone, therefore changing the world. It’s a ripple effect.
    We don’t know the mind state someone is in, maybe that person has had enough of life and today would be their last day…holding the door for someone could give them that positive energy they need to push forward for their breakthrough.
    You hust never know. I also love the flame concept, you never put out your own flame, light up others… it just spreads.

    I think you’ve inspired me to make some videos today 🙂 ♡
    Love ya lady!
    Have a great day.

    • Ohh, yes, I love the flame concept, too! At girl scout camp we used to sing something about “it only takes a spark to get a fire going and then all of us can warm up to it’s glowing” It’s so true that we just don’t know what change we can create. I love your videos, too. You do such a great job on Live videos and you are such a wonderful advocate for breastfeeding and it is so needed!

    • Love you, too and hoping that we will get to meet up in “real life” one day soon!

    • Michelle Martin Dobbins yaaasss! ♡

    • Michelle Martin Dobbins thank you so much ♡
      I definitely have a hand up because of fear.
      I have a huge fear that I am not worthy of pushing my idea out to the world because I am not a “expert” or ibclc etc
      Truth is…you don’t need to be. Obviously I wouldn’t try to spread misinformation, but it doesn’t take an expert to share resources for answers. Lol

    • I’ll be going live again in a min..so feel free to chime in if you want. 😉
      Thank you for always inspiring, even on not so good days…it’s the come backs that get people really motivated. ♡

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