Time to Emerge


It’s that time of year when I begin dreaming of receiving my new word of the year. If you don’t know how it works, you don’t get to chose your word. It chooses you and presents itself to you. (I have tips for how to allow in your word in the Be Magick in 2019 free class-coming soon—watch this page )

My 2018 word, as often is the case, was not something I would want to chose. Usually though, I run from my word of the year in fear. This past year, steadfast was the word that presented itself to me and it honestly seemed rather boring and not scary at all.

However, it served me well. It reminded me that when I wanted to quit, I’d made a promise to myself to be steadfast. I haven’t been perfectly steadfast but I’m pleased that I kept my promise to myself to send out weekly emails, begin offering products and services again and finish the planner I’ve been dreaming about for years.

In other areas of life, I continued with my intermittent fasting most days that I wasn’t traveling and as a result my weight has stayed stable and more importantly my mind and my gut health have improved. I continued to journal and meditate most every day.

I certainly could have done more and better but I plugged away, steadfast, all year long and I’m proud of the momentum I’ve gained. I’m looking into the eye of 2019 in good place.

I recently began meditating on what my word for 2019 might be and I found myself visualizing a snake wriggly free from it’s dried out skin. Shedding the old.

I personally think shed is a rather disgusting word but as I’ve mentioned, I’m not usually a fan of my word for the year at the beginning of our relationship. Still, shed did not quite seem appropriate. I looked up the scientific word for a snake shedding it’s skin and learned it’s ecdysis. It’s more exotic and way less gross than shed but it still didn’t feel quite right.

I knew that I’ve been feeling just like that snake. Stuck in a too tight skin that doesn’t fit quite right anymore. Constricted and longing to stretch out and be free. My word is not shed, my word is emerge.

2019 is my year to drop the old beliefs and stories and emerge as my true self and allow myself to be seen. Live my life in full technicolor. No more hiding who I am from not just the world, but from myself as well. No more staying in an old skin that feels safe but lost its brilliance long ago. It’s time to align with my higher self and allow more of her to emerge.

What word is calling to you for 2019? Invite it in and it will show up in perfect timing!

Our world is begging more of us to wake up and listen to our intuition and follow our truths. Your higher self has a word to be a guiding light to you as you journey through this new year. Listen for it and keep listening and you’ll receive guidance all year long.

Magick & Hugs,


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