No Time to Meditate?

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Life is busy for most of us, no doubt, and we can often feel like we don’t have time to fit everything in. Still, you don’t have give up on meditating or the feel that you have no time to meditate. The rewards are so worth your time and you can work meditating into your daily routine.

I’ve had lots of fun finding more ways to work meditation into the activities I already do in my life. I’m guessing you do many of these activities daily, too. When you link mediation with these activities, it can help meditation become a natural part of your life.

Here’s some of these ways you might be able to add meditation to your daily routine:

Bathing or Showering This is a great time to either just relax and focus on the sensation of the water on your body or send love to each part of your body as you wash yourself. I like to sit in a bubble bath and close my eyes and focus on the vibrations of my body or picture my body bathed in love.

Brushing Your Teeth  Try a rampage of appreciation from Abraham-Hicks. See how many things you can appreciate and/or how many positive thoughts you can have in a row, for two minutes twice a day.  They say it only take  17 seconds to activate a thought and you have way more time than that while your brushing.

Cleaning  Most cleaning tasks do not take much brain power so I either like to chant a mantra while cleaning, such as “I am worthy “(usually inside my mind since the rest of my family is usually close by) or just focus on being fully present and focusing completely on the task.  I especially like to focus on wash dishes or vacuuming.  There’s something so soothing about these tasks when you give them your full attention.

Driving  It’s fun to say affirmations while driving like “I am loved and loving” or “Life gets better every day”  If I’m driving alone, I will say them out loud. I, also, like to direct Reiki or just loving thoughts at all the cars I pass.

Eating Mindful eating is a wonderful meditation. It’s not only great for you spiritually, it’s great for you body and your digestion. Just take you time and enjoy your food. Chew and savor every bite. Really taste your food.

Surfing the Internet This one is a little trickier, but there are two activities I often do that are somewhat meditative even though you can’t really meditate while you are googling.  The first is taking 2 or 3 minutes to go to YouTube and watch a meditation video before you start surfing. There are so many you can surely find one you like. Either try a new one every time or find one you like and stick with it. Your time surfing will probably be more beneficial since you took a few minutes to meditate first. Then, you can find a subliminal music on YouTube that you can play in the background while you surf. Not exactly mediation, but it still might be helpful.

If you look at your daily routine, I’m sure you can find ways to add meditation to your life without taking time away from other activities. Once, you do this for a while and see the benefits, you might want to create a special meditation time.

One Caveat: If you start pairing meditation with your daily tasks, you might want to just try one each month. Beginning them all at once, could be overwhelming and have the opposite effect.

Life itself can be a moving meditation. Take the time to fully immerse yourself in your life and see how it begins to flow.

I’d love to hear how you make meditation part of your life or any other comments you may have. 


  • I especially love mindful eating. Food tastes so much better when you bring your full attention to it!

  • Michele, I call my favorite form of meditation “Pure Awareness” (my generic name) aka Quantum Entrainment (up to 2012) aka the Kinslow System (2013). I have heard a few other practitioners offer it under different names like Rapid Healing and Pure Awareness.

    I first heard about Quantum Entrainment in the autumn of 2010, but didn’t try it until February 2011. Within a few days of trying it with guided meditation, I was able to do it on my own. The great thing about Pure Awareness Meditation is that you can do it for long periods or just a few seconds, with your eyes open or closed, while alone or in a crowded room. There’s NO excuses for not incorporating this form of meditation into daily life. Just a few minutes, done several times a day, can make a huge difference and it amps up manifesting, too!

    I have gone into crowded rooms that felt chaotic, shifted into Pure Awareness meditation for a few minutes, and watched the energy in the room completely transform into helpful, coherent and positive energy!

    It’s the only meditation I know you can safely do while driving. Every time I practice Pure Awareness while driving, the *moment* I start, all the cars in front of me move to other lanes or turn off and I have the free road ahead of me. It’s quite amazing!

    Frank Kinslow says that Pure Awareness “produces immediate healing and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.” All I can say is that it is experiential: until you try it, words cannot truly explain the feeling that it creates in the body. It’s very easy to learn and truly remarkable…and probably has been around for eons under various different brand names.

    To learn more, you can read my blog post about Quantum Entrainment (same technique, different name, the post has download links for guided meditations) or go to

    Many blessings,

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