3 Magical Reasons to Treat Yourself Like a Child

Treat yourself like a kid

I’m beginning to think a lot of the changes we make to become grown-ups aren’t all that great. Yes, we have to take on certain responsibilities, but do we need to treat ourselves so differently from how we would a child? People often say about children, “Give them a break. They are only kids,” but don’t we all deserve a break?

Here are 3 Magical Reasons I’ve found to Treat Yourself like a Child:

1. Gentleness: I’ll never forget taking a skin care training class during which the instructor told us to wash our faces like we were washing a baby’s face. We should be tender and gentle with skin like we would be with a child. We needed to stop harshly scrubbing our face. Wow, I hadn’t realized that I had been treating myself roughly.  I went through my self-care routine with no thought to being loving or gentle with  myself. That course forever changed the way I treat my body. I baby it now.

We need to be gentle with ourselves and meet our physical needs the way we would do for a child. It’s so important to give yourself the proper amount of sleep, hydration, food and down time if you want to create a magical life. We know that kids are not happy when they are tired, hungry, thirsty, or overstimulated. Guess what? We are not so different from children. Yes, we are more able to “suck it up” for a while if we aren’t treating our bodies right, but it will catch up with us. Take good care of you. It’s the first requirement to have magical life.

2.Boundaries &  Protection: As adults, some of us tend to allow people to treat us in a way that we never let a child to be treated. Would you allow people to talk down to a child or bully them over the internet?  Would you let people guilt them into doing activities they didn’t like? Would you let them take advantage of them a child? Would you let their teacher’s grade them unfairly? Would you allow their friends to be cruel to them?

If you are telling yourself a situation that you are tolerating is no big deal, ask yourself this question: Would I allow someone to treat a child this way? If you wouldn’t feel comfortable standing back and watching someone do it to a child, then don’t justify it as “no big deal.” You are worthy of being treated well. Plus, If you have children, they will learn how to treat themselves by watching how you treat yourself.

When I worked as a mental health counselor, we had a term called “failure to protect” and it was grounds for losing your child. If you did nothing to stop someone from harming your child, it was a crime. It is a “crime” not to protect ourselves, too. It brings down our vibration and makes our success in all areas more difficult.

Obviously, we don’t need to run around looking for someone to make us a victim and do things that create that experience, but if it happens, we need to stand up and create boundaries in the way that feels best to us.

3. Do-overs & Extra Chances: When kids play games they often want to start over and try again and we are more likely to indulge them than an adult. We give them much more do-overs and chances to fix mistakes. We could benefit from giving ourselves these same chances. We all make mistakes and take time to learn new things. If you are creating a magical life, chances are you are taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone. Be easy on yourself.

Follow Lola Jones’ advice and don’t keep score unless the score is on your favor. In the meantime, keep playing and taking all the do-overs you need. We are never failures if we keep trying and enjoying the journey.

Tonight, Don’t forget to treat yourself like a child and tuck yourself in bed with a goodnight story!

  • Vee@VeesEasyVegan says:

    Hi Michelle!

    Just this morning I thought about you and how I had not heard from you of late and then here you are. Of course 🙂
    I love this and I must say as a mum of a “late” baby in my 40’s I am constantly still in the world of a child. I love it. These are great reminders and thoughtful too. Thanks for that!

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