One Thing That Can Trip Up Your Manifesting

Don't trip Your ManifestingHave you noticed that there seems to be a lot of public shaming and harassment in our world lately? If someone says a negative or inappropriate comment, everyone wants to step in to destroy them? Even if someone is just sharing their vision and their light, they are likely to be a target.

Go to any YouTube channel and look at the comments. My daughter loves some popular science channels on YouTube and frequently, people will make negative or degrading comments about the hosts that have nothing to do with the content of the video. They comment on their clothing, their looks and then, there are the inappropriate sexual comments. Yuck!

Bloggers are often criticised for their opinions and it seems that instead of an open dialogue, in many cases, it’s just written attacks. Even people’s personal Facebook  or Twitter feeds can be attacked. Make a political statement or just a comment that someone doesn’t agree with and it’s on.

I don’t normally focus this because, I don’t want to invite it in to my life. Still, I feel compelled to share here because it creates a problem that can trip up your manifesting.


What we focus on we attract more of. If you are bothered by other people’s content and feel the need to negatively comment or attack them or if you are bothered by people who negatively comment and attack other people’s content, you are investing time and energy focusing on something that you don’t like. It will lower your vibration quickly.

You can’t totally get away from this trolling behavior because it’s exists in many places online but I have a few tips to keep yourself from getting sucked into a downward spiral because of it.

How to Keep from Tripping up your Manifesting:

1. Limit your viewing time. Don’t read articles and the posts of people you know you aren’t going to agree with. Definitely do not go reading the comments on YouTube and online news articles. If you know someone always pushes your buttons, hide their posts from your Facebook feed or unfollow them on Twitter. You have lots of control in the online world. You get to decide where you to spend your time.

2. Spend Your Time amongst Like-Minded People. I am a member of several online groups and I follow many blogs. All of them are safe spaces. People can have dialogues and discuss ideas without being critical of each other. It’s wonderful to hang out in the groups I have chosen. The energy feels good and you can learn and grow and not worry about negativity. If you look around you can find these places that nourish your soul without bringing your energy down.

3. Decide What You Prefer and Focus There. If you come across something online that totally pushes your buttons and get your hackles up, be thankful for it. It’s giving you contrast to show you what you don’t want. At that moment, stop and ask yourself what you would prefer.

For example, maybe you see something that depicts someone being cruel to animals and it really feels awful. You might want to lash out at the person and get upset over the post. Animal cruelty is definitely not cool, but maybe you can ask yourself what you would prefer. Maybe you’d prefer to see stories of animals being rescued or being nurtured in their forever homes. Google that and look at stories about what you prefer. Focus on what does bring you joy. I know it doesn’t make that other stuff go away, but you are creating more of what you focus on, so wouldn’t you rather focus on animal rescue than animal cruelty?

That’s just one example but it works for everything that you dislike. I try to remember that Mother Theresa once said she would not come to an anti-war rally but she would be present at a peace rally. Sometimes, we feel like we have to fight against what we don’t want, but the best outcome comes from focusing on creating what we do want. I’m not saying to you can’t or shouldn’t stand up for yourself but you may want to examine what you are focusing on. It’s what you are creating for your future. Are you immersing yourself in what you want to manifest or its opposite?

Take time to be choosy. You are worth it.

I’d love to hear what you think about how to keep our online activities from lowering our vibration.