Unemployed Angels for Hire

angel with nimbus break from work


I adore angels and have looked to them for assistance for decades. When I started on a  spiritual path in my twenties, angels were my first love. They sent me signs and gave me guidance. Angels led me to my first spiritual mentor. I was looking for a bookstore that sold angel cards when I became lost and pulled into a parking lot to turn around. Lo and behold, I was parked outside the Unity Church and Metaphysical Bookstore. I felt compelled to go in even though it wasn’t the bookstore I’d been looking for. The angels had guided me to Reverend Dick. He was a magical man who cured himself of AIDS in the 80s, played Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room by Motley Crew during the breaks at Wednesday night meditation class, and taught me to vaporize clouds on the bookstore patio one afternoon.  Yes, I was very thankful to the angels for leading me to Reverend Dick.

I don’t know why I ever lost touch with angels, but over time I’d stopped called on them. I had new processes and ways of creating magic in my life and the angels were left unemployed and bored. Recently, however, the angels have been sending messages to me again. I’ve realized that they have been waiting to be asked for help and I could certainly use their assistance.

Shortly after I began to notice and employ angels again, I found myself needing quick assistance one morning. I had looked everywhere for my daughter’s crochet needle and she needed it for class now. I was printing out a form that I needed to take with me as we collected our belongings to get in the car and I decided to ask the angels for help.

“I know this is late notice, but I also know that time means nothing for angels.  I need this crochet hook now, please. Thanks, I know you’ve got this.”

As I bent down to pick up a paper that had fallen out of the printer, I bumped my head on a shelf and the crochet hook fell onto my head, within about 30 seconds of asking for angelic assistance. Yeah, angels!

Apparently, I’m not the only one who lost touch with angels and there are a lot of unemployed angels out there just waiting for us to hire them. They ask only to be paid in gratitude and love, so what are you waiting for? If you want some more inspiration of all the wonderful services angels can provide, check out this story of angelic assistance from master angel hirer, Joe Vitale.

If you don’t feel a connection with angels, consider asking universal energy, dragons, fairies, or whatever term or form or assistance does resonate with you. There is positive energy in this world that wants to be of assistance to us.

It doesn’t have to be hard to hire angels, just ask. They are waiting for your call. I’ve found that it’s fun to write down my job descriptions and how the angels delivered in a little journal. It’s not necessary but it’s uplifting to track all that can be accomplished when you let go and hire an angel. Just remember angels don’t like to be micro-managed. They know what to do. Really. Relax. Do what you can and then hire an angel to do the rest.

I’d love to hear your angel stories. What happened when you hired an unemployed angel?



  • Cloris Kylie says:

    I feel safe–and this feeling of safety is proof of a higher power watching over me and everyone else. Thank you, Michelle!

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