UpLevel in 2018

We are two weeks into 2018 and while I in past years I’d think I can’t believe it’s going so fast, but this year it feels like “Wow—it’s still January. Awesome!” I like my new Steadfast pace! Steadfast is my word for 2018. If you haven’t created yours and you’d like some support go to the FREE Be Magic in 2018 course

Do you want 2018 to be better than 2017? (It’s allowed even if your 2017 was already fab.)

If so, you’ve got to uplevel. You must decide and back that decision up with action.

Commit to at least one action that you are going to take for all of 2018 you uplevel your year.

Here are the rules—(you know, that you get to make up your own rules, right? My rules do not equal your rules. Of course, I’m a ninja-level manifestor so you may want to give my rules at least a cursory glance.)

1. Intention is everything. Action without intention is way less effective.

What does that mean? Intention is the reason behind your action. For example, I purchased flowers every week as a symbol of the abundance of beauty and finances in my life. It’s a tangible way that I’m adding more beauty and more abundance to my world. I not only enjoy the beauty of the flowers but intent that they are a gateway for more abundance and beauty to enter my life.

2. Choose an uplevel that brings you joy. If it’s something you think you should do—screw that. Do not decide your uplevel is getting up everyday at 5 am if that sounds like torture to you. Pick something that feels like bliss.

In order for it to feel like bliss, it can’t cause too much emotional or financial stress for you. For example, don’t plan to go for a weekend trip every month if you will get stressed about how much you are spending on it.

Last year. I started buying bouquets of fresh flowers every week and at first, I would sometimes think “Should I spend money on this—couldn’t it be better served elsewhere?” Then, I asked myself, could I easily afford it? Yes. Did they lift my vibe and make me feel more abundant every time I saw them? Yes. Now it’s a habit and I don’t even think about the cost.

It was a small stretch for me—don’t go too far, but you expand your comfort zone a little bit.

When we first hired a housekeeper 6 years ago, even though we had the money I still worried. My mind fretted about what would happen if we made less money or we needed those funds for something else, but I meditated and said mantras on how this was our new norm. Now six years later I don’t even think about the expense anymore—we’ve shifted to allow that luxury as part of our comfort zone. Plus, I love knowing we are blessing someone else with a a job that helps pay their bills and we adore all of our housekeepers, especially Miss Sarah who has worked for us for the past three years. She is part of the family.

3. Add an extra level of woo-woo if you, like me, thrive on the ritual and occult aspects of creating you own reality. Create a crystal grid, altar or vision board dedicated to your UpLeveled 2018 goals. You can meditate on your goals and ask with your ancestors or spiritual guides for help choosing or completing your UpLevel goals.

Bonus—create a uplevel that supports your word of the year and be sure to add it into your 100 things to do in 2018–See the Be Magic Class for more info

My UpLevel list for 2018:

  • Double my charitable giving to Love 146 and my loans though Kiva.org
  • Send out emails every Monday (Steadfast)
  • Buy at least 80% ethically made or purchased clothing

How are you going to uplevel your life in 2018? Share and inspire us!

Namaste & UpLevel Sized Hugs,