How Do You Want 2018 to Feel?

Step one of the Be Magic in 2018 Free Ecourse  is to determine your word for the year. I’ve found my word often show up intuitively for me and most people I work with. Another way to get your self headed in the right direction is to ask yourself how you choose to feel in 2018.

Don’t sit back and wait to see what shows up. Steer your thoughts in the right direction. Here are a few on my favorite magic questions to get the year started right:

How do I choose to Feel in 2018?

Can I allow the new year to be my best year ever?

What if I allow myself to let change be easy?

How can I best support my growth in the new year?

What is my most important goal in the new year?

How can I be of service to the planet in the new year?

How much joy can I experience in the new year?

What if I let go of worry in the new year?

How fun can I make the new year?

​​​​​​​How can I nurture myself in the new year?

This week is a fabulous time to take a few hours to meditate or journal on some of these questions or create your own to ponder.

Namaste & Hugs,