The Week That Wasn’t Productive, or Was it?

With my nice little check-list in hand and my newly updated Kanban board, this week was going to be epically productive.


Saturday morning my son spiked a 104 fever. Since viral meningitis has been going around some of the local schools, when the doctor proclaimed “Flu!” and tossed my son a mask, I all but shouted, “I’ll take it!”


He was joined in the sick room by his twin sister on Tuesday morning,

Wednesday morning brought another sister with a fever.

I’d, also, been running a low-grade fever since Monday and feeling like I’d been on an all-night bender that I couldn’t remember.

So, this week wasn’t what I’d planned.

However, this week was:

  • Playing War with my son using a sticky, old deck of cards
  • Everyone snuggled in with their own books
  • Family Board games and a big pot of soup for Valentine’s Day
  • Naps with crazy lucid dreams
  • Smiles while listening to my children hanging out and telling secrets
  • Reiki sessions with fevered kiddos
  • A free and enlightening Tarot reading from my favorite metaphysician
  • Reminiscing while going through our family photos and trying to decide which experiences we loved the most—at Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Colosseum in Rome, riding Gondolas in Venice, eating the delectable King Cake French toast in New Orleans, looking at stars on Hollywood Boulevard or standing under the famous Bean in Chicago
  • Dreaming about new trips
  • Updating our family bucket list with plans for a midnight picnic in the backyard, spending the weekend speaking in a British accent while calling each other by our Dungeon and Dragons names, and croissants in Paris, plus so much more!

This week wasn’t what I’d planned but it was blissful. I followed my one goal. I lived each day fully in heart-centered awareness. I am the warrior. Take that, Influenza, Type A.

Wishing you a week of moments worth being present for and aren’t they all?

Namaste & Hugs,


P.S. One of my books of choice this week was The Magic of Conflict by Thomas F. Crum. I bought it for $3.80 in a used bookstore and it’s amazingly good. I’m highlighting and taking notes like crazy. The author did security for the singer John Denver back in the day and is a Martial Arts expert. I love learning how conflict can make life better since I’ve used avoided it to my detriment. The book was written in 1987 but still amazingly relevant. I’m loving the exercises he shares and the stories of his experiences dealing with conflict. (I’m an affiliate for Amazon so if you purchase through the above link, I may get “thank you” monies from Amazon but it won’t affect your purchase price.)

Also, I’ve been singing this song in my head this week and the video is just too funny not to share.