What If You Just Loved Yourself?

What If You Just Loved Yourself?

  • Wake Up, Queen

    You, dear alchemist, are royalty
    You are the queen of your life and it’s time you began acting as such

    You may ask how everyone can be a Queen

    It’s quite simple actually
    You play all the roles in your psyche

    Yes, you are the peasant, cook, groundskeeper and court jester


    You are also the knight, lady, advisor and court alchemist

    And, yes, dear one, you are, also, the Queen

    So why is it most people ignore their sovereignty
    And stay in mostly in the peasant role 24/7

    It’s easier

    You may want to argue and say that the peasant works the hardest
    Doing the grunt work

    BUT you’d be wrong

    The most difficult job in the kingdom is that of Queen

    She must hold space for her people,
    She must give them vision,
    She must keep them protected
    She must project an energy that makes her people love and follow her

    Obviously, there is no time for
    grunt work in her life
    She has way too much to do to make her own tea and
    Plant the flowers that adorn her gardens

    She is responsible for everyone and everything in her land

    Get that, dearest

    You are responsible for everyone and everything in your land

    It’s an awesome load and that is exactly why most people run from it

    Here’s the secret though,
    You are the best and only person for the job

    Most people ignore their royal DNA
    And run around doing servant work
    In a land with no ruler
    How do you think that works?

    Doing grunt work for an absent monarch?
    What kind of outcomes can you expect running around in chaos?

    Yes, once you step into the role of Queen, you’ll still be the peasant too

    However, once you have your Queenly vision and energy in place
    You will can choose to bring that royal energy to all the mundane tasks and that is the Alchemy of transforming your life into
    Your creation
    Your domain
    Your queendom

    You owe it to yourself to be the Queen of your life

    You owe it to yourself to create the energy that the rest of your kingdom
    You owe it yourself to create your own life
    You owe it to yourself fully love your sovereignty

    It’s scary to be the Queen.
    It’s so much easier to be a servant.
    No worries other than working.
    No responsibilities other than to serve
    No need to create a vision
    No need to worry about purpose and the greater vision

    That, however, is not the life you signed up for!
    You signed up to live this life fully and deeply.
    You signed up to create magick.
    It’s hard to live your best life when you locked your Queen in the dungeon and put her to sleep.

    This is the great work of your life, Alchemist
    So let’s wake up your Queen!


  • I don’t get it what you wanna tell boring

  • If you love yourself as you are , then why paint your hair to look like a clown?

    • If you listened to the video, you would here me talk about how it feels in alignment for me to do that right now. We all love ourselves in differ t ways. It’s not the actions but the feelings and intent behind the action.

    • Michelle Martin Dobbins doesn’t make sense . If you want people to take you seriously don’t look like a clown. You’re not serious , you just want attention!

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