What the *#%@?

We are good little positive thinkers and we know how to create our desires. We rave about what’s going right and we focus on where we want to go. So what if we wake up one day and everything sucks?

Chemicalization is a crazy term that describes the situation that can occur when someone first starts engaging in positive thought processes and things get worse before they get better or the person might even get physically ill. The sudden change in a person’s vibration could be a cause. For the most part, chemicalization has gone the way of air sickness. Remember, when many people threw up on planes because that thought they should? Now that rarely happens to anyone. I think chemicalization is the same. We’ve learned to change ourselves without getting sick or creating chaos in our lives. Usually.

So why am I posting about it? I recently experienced a rough few days that I was not expecting. My life has been fun and I’ve been focusing on what I want. I’ve been having some fabulous experiences while meditating lately and I’d increased my meditation time to connect with these new energies more. Everything was going really well.

Then, I felt horrible, physically ill and mentally out of whack. I was crying for no reason and extrememly nauseous. My body hurt. Luckily, I was able to stop and rest and my daughter cared for her siblings so I could take a bath and go to bed early. I honestly think I sped my vibration up too quickly and it overwhelmed me. I created that experience but I can create lots of new stories about it. I can decide that I handle quick changes in vibration with no ill effects or I can decide to slow down how quickly my vibration rises.

Sometimes, we just need to let go of old emotions we’ve held in our bodies that don’t serve us anymore and they come up and out, as we grow. The good news is once their gone you’ll feel fabulous, but if you are experiencing chemicalization, here’s what you need to do:

1. Let it be. As much as you can allow any bad feelings or sickness without resistance, the easier they will be to move through. Don’t judge yourself. If you need to sit and cry or take a nap, do it. Sometimes, in the moment, there’s nothing to do but be where you are.that makes you feel good.

2.Relax. When you feel a little better, take Crystal Nuding’s advice and go fly a kite or draw or watch a funny movie. Do anything

3. Don’t give up or push yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You wouldn’t try to lift a 200 pound weight your first time to the gym, so don’t expect to have perfectly positive thoughts if  you are new to law of attraction. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, new processes can cause us to get out of alignment. It’s not a failure. Abrham-Hicks says you don’t need to be perefect to make change. I’ve always felt positive thought are stronger than negative ones, so it takes less of them to make a change.

4.See it as progress. You are powerful creator and you just stirred up some energy. As Marilyn Monroe once said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

For more inspiration, check our Jeannette Maw’s how to come out of a spin post.

 I’d love to hear your techniques for dealing with chemicalization or any comments. To prove it, I’m giving away one of my Angel Card readings (see service page) to one of my commenters during the month of May. I’ll put everyone’s name in random.org and choose a winner to be announced here around June 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and e-mail me if you’re the winner.

I’m intending smooth, easy creating for us all!

Love and transformation,


  • This is so true, Michelle! Good for you for caring for yourself and how sweet your daughter helps you out. You created a solution right along side the problem. Way to go!
    Sending soothing, peace, ease and flow!
    Much Love to you, Michelle!

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Thanks! I love that bad feelings pass so quickly now that I know better than to resist them. 🙂

  • PS… Thanks for the mention and link to my blog! 🙂

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  • zannierose says:

    I liked the analogy of us no longer thinking we have to be air sick- and I am grateful that I did not know that used to be the case for people. I think a lot of people still expect a ‘healing crisis’ when they have alternative health treatments..what if we let go of that expectation too, and make it as obsolete as air sickness. I recently began a new mantra practice and within days of this, my body became unwell. I chose to continue with the practice anyway..is it mind over matter!

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      The first time I flew on an airplane every seat had and “puke” bag and the stewardess talked about what to do should you become ill. It seems funny now. I’m sure it healing crisis and chemicalization will soon be the same. Hope that you have great sucess with you mantra practice. 🙂

  • Thank you for the angel card reading. I have been busy and have not taken the time to read it properly, I will have time tonight and sit down to read it. Thanks again. Peace and blessings

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      You are welcome! Hope you enjoy it and thanks for all your support of this blog. 🙂

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