What’s Your Crazy? What’s Your Cool?

What’s Your Crazy? What’s Your Cool? Why Are you a Total Badass?


I’m a total fucking nerd and I own it. I love to learn. I’ve always got books, audio books, kindle books, online classes and more going all at once. My mind must be fed. And if I get interested in something I will buy all the things. And by things, I mean books.

I count trees and pieces of land among my best friends and honestly, I feel I can sometimes communicate with them so much easier than people, no words needed. Soul to fucking soul.

I talk to my ancestors, the Moon, the Sun and my Inner Being more than I talk “real people”in the “real world.” And I like it that way.

I chose to parent in a way that’s right for me.
From having my first daughter at home via waterbirth to breastfeeding way too long and way too publicly.
Yes, I wore my kids in slings, co-slept and all the hippy shit. And I loved every minute of it. Well, not every minute…my kids had all the normal kid meltdowns, too.

Now as my brood enters their teen and young adult years, I allow—and expect—my children follow their own desires for their lives.
Choose between homeschooling and public, express their selves through their dress, hair and interests with no judgment from me.
Ok, maybe a little judgement—I’m human after all, but I have their backs
My goal is for them to live full out and soak it all up
So I have to as well

Which means I need to remind myself of my crazy, my cool and my own bad-assery

I am not afraid of my light.
I am, also, not afraid of my shadow.
I am a creator, an artist
And my palette is my life

I create what I want in my life.
I write it out and decide it and it’s done.
I heal myself and others.
I speak to the Universe and it answers
My soul always know the right next step

I’m brave and I go first
I am a leader in my life
I always let myself be me, as crazy and weird as she gets
And I will slip into third person when I talk about myself if I chose, too—so, there!

I know some people will read this and laugh, smirk and judge.
Hell, I have laughed, smirked and judged myself
Sometimes, I still do…
BUT I don’t care anymore
I will be brave, always

And, when I run and hide—as I know I do from time to time—I will push myself back out and lock the door behind me.

I was born brave but I forgot.

Now I remember.

How about you?

If not now, when?