Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life? November 18, 2013

hand raised in gratitude


Happy Monday!  I hope you all have lots to rave about this week.  I know that this month makes us all think about what we have to be thankful for which helps us create more to be thankful for, so there’s go to be lots of vibe raising going on out there.  I absolutely fell in love with this “Good Day” video by Brother David Stiendle-Rast.  I can’t see how you can’t have a good day if you watch this video first thing in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did and if you didn’t watch it, do it now! It’s five and half minutes of delicious gratefulness.

Here’s my rave list for the week:

1. I love that my children and I have been enjoying virtual first trip videos of the Plimoth Plantation.  The videos are so entertaining and educational.  OK, I”m a geek and and I’m proud of it!

2. I love that we had a second weekend at home in row!  It’s been nice to spent family time and relax.

3. I love that I’m going to get to go the Youth in Government conference with my daughter, the youth governor, this week!  Yep, I’m a proud mama!

4. I love that Jeannette Maw is hosting a free Manifesting 101: Law of Attractions basics course. There are so many wonderful free resources out there and this one is sure to be fabulous!

5. I love that our neighbors had a huge Christmas light party this weekend. Their husband and father passed away a few months ago and he loved Christmas. He always had the most decorated house in the neighborhood, maybe the town.  This year, lots of their friends and family pitched in to keep his tradition alive.

6. I love my new essential oil diffuser and all the yummy oils I’ve been experimenting with.

7. I love the crisp air we’ve been having and I love that my puppy ensures that I’m out in it every day.

8. I love that we were able to pack up shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child last week and I’ll be dropping them off today. We are blessed to be able to give and my kids are very excited to find out where our boxes end up going.

9. I love that I’ve got some fun new changes in the works for Daily Alchemy. I love playing here and I love all the wonderful people I’ve met. I’m excited to develop more ways to be of service.

10. I love that that I’m taking a course from Janette Dalgliesh that helps me remember to engage in pleasure on a regular basis. It’s nice to make it a priority to enjoy my tea, chocolate and other little things that make me smile.

I’d love to hear what’s going right for you or any comments you may have. To prove it, I’m giving away a Facebook “manifesting plan” to one of my commenters during the month of November. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around Dec. 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and message me on my Facebook page. Once you tell me what you want to create, I’ll create a personal manifesting plan for you and we’ll make sure it feels fabulous to you!

Transforming through Love & Joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins




  • clorisstock says:

    Michelle, it’s always so inspiring to read your list of things to be grateful for! It sounds like you have a lot of great things going on. I look forward to the exciting changes on your site!

  • jocie covington says:

    Three beautiful cats dwelling by the living room window, bathing in glorious sunlight. A world, a life experience that I create, I own, it is mine to share, to love, to give, endlessly give. What else could be more rewarding!

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